Francis Evans Bennett, 1853, dyed 1888.  Cregan Manor, Clonakilty,The Square, Clonakilty, listed 1875-6.   Resident, £48, Bantry Quarter Sessions 1862.  1884, signed a  protest against the dismissal of Lord Rossmore,  Head of Orange Order, Monaghan.  Chaired Rosscarbery Petty Session poteen prosecution 1885. 1886 Attempted Eviction and Siege at Tim Hurley’s Castle (Mill and Farm) , Castleview, Clonakilty.  Landlord Francis Evans Bennett, (1824-1888), Cregan Manor, Rosscarbery.   The eviction eventually succeeded but was a pyrrhic victory as all the mill machinery had been moved and no one could be found to take the evicted farm.   To the present day relations of the extended Hurley thrive in various businesses in the locality.  Probate 1888 to widow Mary Hungerford Bennett, £816

George Roche Cronin (1831-1902), R.M., born Kerry. Pre 1874, Bandon district, Ballinadee, Bandon, 1874, 35 when appointed, had been 11 years RIC officer £300 per annum. 1884 donor Presentation Convent School, Bandon.  1895 Cobh £675, Lord Lieutenant has expressed himself satisfied of his legal knowledge under the meaning of ‘The provisions of Crime Act (Ireland) Act, 1882.  1902 probate £7,393.

Henry (Harry) Jones Hungerford, TCD, (1825-,1903) 1856, Cahermore House, Rosscarbery, Resident, £454, 1870 return 3,532 acres.  Henry Jones Hungerford, the last effective owner and resident landlord of the Cahirmore Estate. He qualified as a Barrister and had little interest in the Estate. His income from rental was foolishly spent and on his death the Land Commission took it over.  Mary Boone Cowper Hungerford, English.. Wife of Henry Jones Hungerford. (1870).  They had nine children, most of whom emigrated.  Attending the funeral, (listed as H.M. Hungerford,  brother in law)  1882 Thomas Somerville Esq. D.L. (1797-1882), Drishane House, Castletownshend.  1884, signed a protest against the dismissal of Lord Rossmore, head of Orange Order, Monaghan. At the time of its destruction in 1921 Cahermore was owned by a merchant named Regan, who had purchased the property from representatives of the Hungerford family “some years” after the death of Henry J. Hungerford, J.P.   Probably father 1863.  We Hope We May Never See Carbery Without A Pack of Hounds. Dinner to Henry Jones Hungerford Esq., Cahermore, Rosscarbery, West Cork.   1861 executor, £13,000.  Thomas Hungerford Esq, TCD, Island House, Clonakilty

1778. Page 109 dinner with Celebrated Father O’Leary, born Acres, Dunmanway, West Cork, His Father a Scholar.   Salmon, Lamb, Braised Hare, Poteen, Gooseberry Wine. The Mad Parson, Poet Rev. De La Cour.

Seizing Poteen near Dunmanway, West Cork by Revenue Officers and British Army Contingent 1777.

A touch of Spike Milligan’s ‘Puckoon”. life as a young RIC recruit (one of 80,000), collecting the Tillage Census in 1910 rounding up the chickens and avoid half acres, keeping an eye on ‘Returned Yanks’, searching for Poteen on Innismurray island, over policing in Cooloney, Co. Sligo from the Memoir of Jeremiah Mee