The Clonakilty of 1824. Over 10,000 Employed in the Linen Industry. Clothiers, Flax, Linen, Textiles, Weaving, West Cork


Dr. Ellman is the Englishman referred to : 1822 Dr John Richard Elmore Doctor. Military Surgeon served under Wellington. English born. Reinstatement of Deasy supported by Dr John Richard Elmore, Clonakilty. 1822 with Dr. Elmore seeking Chief Secretary; support for harbour works for poor relief at Ring. 1810 renting from Earl of Shannon, r at Cahiers… Callnan family hereditary Physicians to the McCarthy Riabhachs, 1798 in West Cork, Dr. John Richard Elmore owner of largest Linen Mill in Munster in Clonakilty 1820s and Dr. William and Albert Callnan, Clonakilty. CSO/RP/1822/3334. Letter from James Molony, Richard Deasy and John Richard Elmore, charitable committee room, Clonakilty, County Cork, members of the charitable committee of Clonakilty, to William Gregory, Under Secretary, Dublin Castle, emphasising the need to improve the harbour at Clonakilty, for the benefit of shipping, commerce and agriculture. Requests funds to assist them in their plans to construct a pier at the entrance to Clonakilty harbour, and a quay at Carrogronemore [Curraghgrane More] point, connected to Clonakilty by a new road, 15 July 1822. Also letter from merchants, traders and other inhabitants of Clonakilty, to Chief Secretary’s Office, Dublin Castle, concerning the problems raised [by Dublin Castle], in respect to the request for funds to construct a quay on Curraghgrane More, the land in question being church property. Signed by 30 individuals [August 1822]. William Callanan’s daughter, Mary Anne, married Dr John Richard Elmore, who took up residence in the Callanan home in Scartagh in 1815. His income from his medical practice was not great. But he set up the largest linen factory in Munster in Clonakilty ‘near Mill Street’ and was one of the most prominent figures in the efforts to promote the economic prosperity of the area. He was one of a small minority of Englishmen who have been sensitive to the needs of Ireland and he courageously defended the good name of his adopted country. His wife died in 1827 and he himself was declared bankrupt in 1828. He then went to London CSO/RP/1822/3097. Chief Secretary’s Office. Letter from Dr John Richard Elmore, Clonakilty, County Cork, to Henry Goulburn, Chief Secretary, Dublin Castle, expressing disappointment at news that a local magistrate, Richard Deasy, has been stripped of his commission of the peace. Requests that he be reinstated, emphasising his good conduct and noting that ‘he differs in Faith from me, he is a Catholic but this Society does not contain one man more fit to discharge official duties’. Complains of the conduct of 3 other local magistrates who have retained their commissions

Clothiers, Flax, Linen, Textiles, Weaving, West Cork