1862 Testimonial to Dr. Mathew Lefebure, M.D. on Leaving Berehaven after 21 years of Service to the Poor, His wife Angelina Coppinger O’Donovan. The Lefebure family.

1844, 1846, 1859        Mathew B. Lefebure   M.R.C.S.I.        Child Claude Anthony Lewis wife Angelina        “Parish Register.  Possibly the person in Dr. John O’Donovan letters He has enquired about a document in the possession of Dr. Le Ferre who was married to an O’Donovan.  1846 donor famine relief Beara. 

1840, also doctor, wife Abgelina, daughter Angelina Coppinger O’Donovan, son Cladius Anthony Lewis, 1840        “May be of Huguenot origin.  Suggested related to O’Sullivan Bere through descent or marriage.  James O’Donovan London and Skibbereen sub editor the Times, He also refers to a pedigree of the O’Donovans in the possession of Dr. Lefevre of Castletown Berehaven. ”        “From Dr.   24 O 39/JOD/ 69  29 August – 20 September 1844  Holograph letters from Daniel Donovan, Bridge Town, Skibbereen, to John O’Donovan.  Donovan explains his delay in responding to O’Donovan’s request for family information stating that he is waiting for papers from [Dr. Le Febure] which are in  London. He offers his observations on the Donovan families of Carbery. He mentions Philip Donovan, the civil war and Cromwellian confiscations, destroyed manuscripts, Castle Donovan, properties currently and formally in the possession of the Donovan family and Donovan Island. [not certain if all pages belong toone letter] He offers his assistance to the work being carried out by O’Donovan. He apologises for the delay in sending the pedigree required by O’Donovan as he had lent it to the deceased Philip O’Donovan, who mislaid it. He is ‘anxious to cultivate your acquaintance and render you any assistance in my power’.

2 items  18cm O’Donovan papers Royal Irish Academy”              

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