John Westropp Carey, born Kinsale 1778 died Glenlough outside Bantry 1862. Married Margaret McCarthy, Daughter of Daniel McCarthy former Parish Priest of Durrus and Sarah Blair of Blairs Cove, Durrus. MIlitary service of him and his 6 Brothers

Father/Reverend Daniel McCarthy marriage to Sarah Blair,  Blair genealogy, Petition 1820 Dublin Castle, 19th May 2022

Rev Dan McCarthy (Apostatised and married his ward Ms.Sarah Blair) P.P. 1790. He was one of the McCarthy Muclaghs and was known as ’An tAthair Tadgh Na Muclagh’.  His father used to dispute the claim of the McCarthys of Carrignavar the right to the Chieftainship of the McCarthys.  He was influenced by the radical teachings of Voltaire and Rosseau as a student in France.’ He was a classical scholar and acted as interpreter in Bantry between General Dalrymple and the French Officer Prosseau in 1796.  His daughter married John Westropp Carey who lived in Glenlough Cottage on the Northside. 


From a descendant:]]

So far as Daniel McCarthy is concerned, he is my 4 x Gt Grandfather . My line from Daniel goes to Robert McCarthy, his son, 1803—1843. Robert was a Printer, and in the 1841 census he was 38 years old and living in Teiers (Friar’s Walk) Walk, St Nicholas Parish, City of Cork. All the children, of school age, were at St Nicholas School.   A sister of Robert, was Margaret McCarthy, 1802-1839, who in 1822 married John Westropp Carey, 1778-1862. A brother of Robert McCarthy was the Rt Reverend Welbore McCarthy, D.D.,  He was, I think twice, the Bishop of Calcutta’s Commissary, i.e. ‘temporary deputy’ and latterly Archdeacon and Archbishop of Grantham. Robert McCarthy had married in 1810, Mary Jane Agar, daughter of the Reverend Charles Welbore Agar, Rector of Inniscarra. Robert and Mary had a number of children. My 2 x Gt Grandfather being the Reverend John Agar McCarthy, 1832-1890, who was a Church Missionary Society missionary in India, and married his wife, Mary Jane Carey, 1831-1915, daughter of Michael Carey of Cork, in Calcutta in 1859. Michael Carey was one of seven Carey brothers, who all served in the Army and Navy at the time of the Peninsular War.  Michael Carey was a Lieutenant in the 83rd Regiment. He was wounded at Talavera, served through the whole Peninsular Campaign under the Duke of Wellington, and received a Medal with eight clasps for his services.  A brother of Michael Carey, Randall Carey was the youngest Midshipman on board the ship that Napoleon was taken prisoner in. As such, he had to receive Napoleon’s sword.  Reverend John Agar McCarthy and his wife, Mary Jane (nee Carey) had seven children, the eldest of which, is my Gt Grandmother, Lizzie Martin McCarthy, who was born in Pershar, on the Indian Afghanistan border in 1860. In the 1871 Census, Reverend John Agar McCarthy was Vicar Designate of St Saviours, Battersea, London. He continued as a Vicar in England until his death in 1890 at Swaffham, Norfolk. His daughter, Lizzie Martin McCarthy married Robert Kohloff Clark, son of the Reverend William Clark, CMS Missionary in India and Ceylon. 



Somewhere in the Paddy O’Keeffe papers (Cork archives) there is a reference to him either having a pack of hounds of borrowing those of the O’Donovans I thnk around Newtown, Bantry.,