1518, Kinsale Archduke Ferdinand Visit to Kinsale as a result of a storm, The visit was a record by Laurent Vital. It is suggested that his account is there inspiration of 1518, Kinsale Archduke Ferdinand Visit. Clandestine Marriage. Durer’s Depiction of Irish Soldiers and Peasants.

The reference to savage is the local Irish of Gaelic origin. At that time Kinsale was a Norman settlement



Rincurran, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Baptisms, Church of Ireland 1849, 1860 and St. Multose, Kinsale from 1683.


Plan of the Siege and Battle of Kinsale (Ceann Sáile) 1601, Petition to the Pope in 1484 requesting that no more clergy be sent from Bath to St. Multose and that only native clergy be appointed as English clergy could not administer sacraments in Irish, Prosperity in the 18th century, Shipping News in ‘A Short History of Kinsale’


St. Multose, Kinsale, Church of Ireland, Records, 1683-