In Durrus a significant part of the land was owned by the Evanson family from 1690 comprising the old McCarthy lands stretching about 10 km between the DurrusRiver and Dunmanus Bay bounded by the hills to the north.The family got into financial difficulty about 1715 and the land were sold to Francis Bernard of Bandon ancestor of the Earls of Bandon. Successive leases expired on the death of Rev. Alleyn Evanson in 1854 and the Earl of Bandon went into possession. He expended sums in rebuilding Durrus Village, pier and  stores at Sea Lodge and promoted good agriculture. He primarily lived in Bandon and  London but did spend time in Durrus Court as did his sister married to Lord Aldworth.

In contrast  Kilcrohane after the death of the O’Donovan brothers landlord and magistrates there were none resident and the land was held by a motley patchwork quilt of landlords, agents none of which helped the area.

These records were abstracted from the Valuation Office Records 1859 1879.

There are 29 townlands that we know about in . This represents 100% of all the area in .

Aughaleigue Beg 278 A, 1 R, 0 P

Aughaleigue More 286 A, 0 R, 34 P

Ballyieragh 614 A, 2 R, 17 P

Ballynatra 42 A, 0 R, 20 P

Ballyroon 117 A, 3 R, 18 P

Ballyroon Mountain 472 A, 3 R, 24 P

Caher 260 A, 1 R, 37 P

Cahergal 123 A, 3 R, 2 P

Caher-Mountain 218 A, 1 R, 14 P

Caherurlagh 31 A, 0 R, 22 P

Caherurlagh Mountain North 28 A, 1 R, 22 P

Caherurlagh Mountain South 24 A, 0 R, 2 P

Clash 97 A, 0 R, 2 P

Dooneen 182 A, 0 R, 33 P

Eskraha 333 A, 1 R, 19 P

Glanroon 143 A, 3 R, 1 P

Gortavallig 312 A, 1 R, 25 P

Kilcrohane 299 A, 2 R, 35 P

Killeen North 376 A, 3 R, 7 P

Killeen South 357 A, 1 R, 0 P

Knockroe 224 A, 0 R, 4 P

Laharandota 68 A, 1 R, 31 P

Laharandota Mountain 33 A, 1 R, 29 P

Letter East 256 A, 2 R, 26 P

Letter Lower 50 A, 1 R, 2 P

Letter Mountain 239 A, 1 R, 10 P

Letter West 116 A, 3 R, 31 P

Reagh 221 A, 2 R, 30 P

Tooreen 364 A, 2 R, 15 P…/AF1QipMhh4cWD2nBQOzc4DgUr6a…

Ballyroon. Ballyroon, Kilcrohane, acquired 1824 by Charles Evanson, The Elder, Ronayne’s Court, Cork,  Durrus born from Lord Riversdale, Ludlow Tonson, Hon Rev. Tonson for £250.   The Evanson interest in Kilcrohane/Ahakista was acquired in 1825 by Charles Evanson, Senior, Ronaynes Court, Douglas, Cork from Lord Riversdale/Tonson.  THis was a part of the extended Hull family of Lemcon, Schull who in turn were probably granted the lands from Richard Boyle’s family or Beechers.

Aughaleigue Beg,  John Gumbleton then William and R. J. Gumbleton jointly.

Aughaleigue More,  reps Rev. Alleyn Evanson, then Mary B. Furlong.

Ballyieragh, Rev. Charles Evanson then Cavanson?, then Rev.Robert M.Evanson,, reps Rev. Robert Evanson, W.S..Bird.

Ballynatra,  John B. Gumbelton then R.J.Gumbleton and William Gumbleton

Ballyroon, REv. John Gumbelton then R. J. Gumbleton and William Gumbleton.

Ballyroon Mountain,  Rev. John Gumbelton then R. J. Gumbleton and William Gumbleton.