he Coughlans of Ardmore, fleet of cargo vessels Bristol, Newfoundland of which the north part has many Coughlans we dont know if Cathoilic or Protestant or related to Jeremiah.  The black servant taking the Coughlan name and  buried 1820s in Youghal, one of the women painted by Gainsboro

In summary

Further genealogical information will be posted showing the Spenser link and the French one over the next 2 weeks..

Was amazed to learn that Lady Dianna Spenser is a Coughlan (Carrignmanus) and Durrus (Evanson) descendant as is the wife of Marshall McMahon (1808-1893) of France.   Marshal McMahon (President and Marshal of France in 1873) on his marriage to Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of the Duc de Castries Marie Edme Patrice Maurice de MacMahon, marquis de MacMahon, duc de Magenta was a French general and politician, with the distinction of Marshal of France. He served as Chief of State of France from 1873 to 1875 and as President of France, from 1875 to 1879

In the Paddy O’Keeffe papers in the Cork Archives dealing with a query on the Symms family there is a letter from Edward Keane (National Library) of the 5th September 1961.   He states that the Marshall and a few other famous McMahons are descended from  Patrick McMahon and Margaret O’Sullivan who married in Bantry in 1707.   He asks Paddy O’Keeffe for knowledge of this Margaret.
O’Coughlans clients of the O’Mahonys of Mizen.  About 1600 a falling out they switch to Boyle adn Hull and become Protestant.  According to Maziere Brady enclosed after the 1641 ‘Rebellion’ they hightail to England.  Slight error in Maziere Brady last page he refers to Rev. Fisher Teampall na mBoche his father he says is 2nd name Devonshire wrong it should be Devonsher old Cork merchant family.
Of the family Jeremiah (Jeremy) an attorney marries Susann Evanson of Durrus.  He is involved in a number of deeds in Durrus with his brother in law Nathaniel Evanson.  These deeds are part of the former McCarthy lands west of the current Durrus Village.
1705, in Cork Susanna Evanson, Jeremiah Coghlan Assuming that Jeremiah is the same as Jeremy who appears in Bandon records 1730 re Gearhameen townland. legally trained Seneschal Dungarvan, agent with Andrew Crotty of Devonshire Estates Prob. Durrus Court, Carriganus Three Castle Head. Jeremiah/Jeremy’s great grandson Rev.Demetrius O’Coghlan of Carrigmanus fled to England during rising 1641 and died there. Nathaniel 1730 Bandon estate records show Nathaniel and his brother-in-law renting townlands from the Bernards around Gearhameen and surrounding townlands. Conjectured that Jeremy’s relations were settled on one of the better farms in Clashadoo, now occupied by the Johnston family. Thomas Dukelow married into that farm in 1818 to Frances Coghlan, probably a relation of Jeremy Coughlan Coughlans of Carrigmanus working with Hull from the early 17th century acquired former O’Mahony lands. Among children Rev. Henry Coughlan, George Esq, possible nephew Joseph. Jeremiah died before 1737. See Registry of Deeds project. Susanna 3rd child Evanson family history, MLB

I see in 1790 Charles and Richard Coughlan were renting probably the former townlds in Kilcrohane owned by the College of St. Mary in Youghal after the relation Nathaniel Evanson is renting.
he is joint manager of the Boyle (DEvonshire estate West Waterford)
Durrus  Marriages, quite a number of Durrus C of I families, Attridge, Dukelow, Shannon are Coughlan descendants so going back 10,000 to first people in the area.:
It may be that either Richard or Charles Coughlan who are in Kilcrohane deed 1790 are the father of Elizabeth adn Frances maybe no male heir.

The late Mary Dukelow, Brahalish, Coughlan/Dukelow marriage and descendants,  Dukelow Genealogy:

Both of these farms abut my late fathers
1805 Robert Ferguson Elizabeth Coughlan Possibly Clashadoo Some time later a marriage Frances Coughlan, Clashadoo (Johnson farm) to Dukelow MLB I would think the Fergsons are the local enforcers of the Evanson landlord family. Now thre farm of the late John McCarthy, Clashadoo. It aslo adjoining the farm that Frances Coughlan married from
1814 Thomas Dukelow Fran(ces) Coughlan Clashadoo (now Johnson farm) Crottees? Margaret m 1845 John Attridge Gearhameen 4 children, Sarah m 1851 David Shannon, Brahalish son Thomas m Ursula Dukelow 1881 Frances M 1st Charles Dukelow Carrigbui 1852 2nd Paul Shannon 1858 lived in Clashadoo 1st marriage Robert 1854- m Mary dukelow Upper Crottees lived there, Frances 1855 m 1878 Charles dukelow Dunbittern Frances 2nd Marriage Elizabet m 1887 George Shannon Rooska Sarah m George KIngston, Drimoleague Mary m 1893 Thomas Hurst Bantry, Thomas m Kate Allen Goleen lived in Clashadoo, Paul m ellen Newman There is a lease c 1730 from Francis Bernard later the Lord Bandons to one (Durrus Court) of the Evansons of Coolnalong and his brother-in-law of a few of the townlands around Clashadoo. Coghlan was from Crookhaven and a minor landowner. Is Frances Coghlan connected? Johnson farm, Clashadoo
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