1938 Funeral of Edwin Swanton, Skibbereen.\



The illustrious West Cork of Swanton family originally centered in Ballydehob (Swanton Town) n the 1901 census appears as those in Ireland born in Co. Cork:

1901 Census.

Swantons in Ireland born Co. Cork


Church of Ireland,  63%,   200.

Catholic, 33%, 104

Methodist, 4%, 15

I was surprised as I woud have assumed a far larger Methodist presence.

The census figures completely underestimate the family influence as through the maternal line they are connected all over West Cork and the Diaspora in places as far apart as Casper, Wyoming. Probably more so through Catholic intermarriage

The late West Cork Historian, Father Coombes published items suggesting that Hilaire Belloc, (Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc), was of the West Cork Swanton line, apparently erroneous.

Where did they come from?

The general accepted place of origin is Norfolk in Eastern England.


Someone I know who is on the ball re West Cork Genealogy suggests that a small Scots plantation c 1695 in Castlehaven. This might explain local names Anderson, Hamilton (although this might be a corruption of the old Irish), Ross, He produces as evidence a comment by a Church of Ireland Minister c 1740 re the Swantons describing them as coming from Scotland. Interestingly here the deceased is Edwin Angus Swanton.

1938 Funeral of Edwin Angus Swanton Skibbereen, updated.




1891 Death James (‘The Governor’) Hutchinson Swanton (1815-1891), Grandmother Possibly Margaret O’Sullivan, Ballaghadown, Caheragh, Rineen, Skibbereen, Carrisbrook House, Ballsbridge, currently Israeli Embassy, Dublin (Mentioned in James Joyce Ulysses), Memoir of William Feckman and West Cork Methodist References.


1830s Shenanigans in the Marine Court of New York, Judge Robert Swanton (United Irishman) Ballydehob and his Tipstaff Casey (possibly from Aughadown).

Thomas Swanton, Ballydehob