Courtesy Southern Star, Centenary Edition 1989

This is an extract from Memoirs of James Stanley Vickery, written c 1889 Australia, a good chance the master Healy wa the grandfather of the Healy brothers coming from Donoughmore again likely to be of salem extended family as John Hely Hutchinson Lord Donoughmore

c 1835 Then I was sent to the usual infant school where I presume I learnt something as when about eight a more advanced school was chosen. Unfortunately there was no great choice, the national school then newly established or a private one conducted by a man named Healy. The Irish protestants from the very first were prejudiced against the national system of schools describing them “poor schools”. The result being they were almost from the commencement under the wing of the R.C. priests. Healy the teacher of the small private school was a self taught man attaining as many self-taught men do a fair knowledge of mathematics but seemingly holding in contempt all other branches of learning. He was a little man essentially a tyrant cruel to a degree whose great delight was to make the unfortunate little come trembling and sobbing into his presence. In certain aspects of his character he exceeded any thing depicted by the pen of Dickens. The treatment I received thus early in my life at this man’s hands must have had an ill effect on me throughout life. He was a Roman Catholic but my grandfather insisted that I should learn so many verses of the bible every day. In the repeating of these and other lessons the rod was continually shaking over us and that rod was usually a well seasoned holly one with the sharp points adhering. I had to endure it all silently having no one to complain to. As an instance of his treatment I may relate the following. The school room was a rough one with an open roof, over one of the rafters one day he threw a small rope tied under my arms and then hoisted me up swinging me too and fro at the same time letting me feel the holly rod greatly to the amusement of the other boys. His wife happened to see him at this, to his pleasant, occupation when she rushed in and released me at the same time giving him some of her mind. He was eventually had up before the Magistrates and fined for cruelly treating some other scholars whose friends became aware of the fact.

The Healy brothers father Maurice became Master of the Bantry Workhouse at the age of 20. The person he replaced Spenser ran a guerilla warfare campaign against the Union being a self styled union accountant advising client on how to avoid rates.

Thomas Francis O’Higgins (23 July 1916 – 25 February 2003) was an Irish Fine Gael politician, barrister and judge who served as Chief Justice of Ireland from 1974 to 1985, a Judge of the Supreme Court from 1974 to 1985, a Judge of the European Court of Justice from 1985 to 1991, a Judge of the High Court from 1973 to 1974, Deputy Leader of Fine Gael from 1972 to 1977 and Minister for Health from 1954 to 1957. He served as a Teachta Dála (TD) from 1948 to 1969.

His son Kevin, a solicitor, some years ago President of the Law Society of Ireland, his brother a prominent auctioneer South Dublin.

1931 Funeral of Tim Healy, Bantry Born, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of Irish Free State. Genealogy (by John T. Collins 1944) of O’Healys/Healys/Hely from 5th Century, Patron Saint of Family St. Lachtin died 622 AD.

1885, House of Commons, London, A Lash of Tim Healy’s , MP, Tongue, The Earl of Bantry Off Chasing Kangaroos in Australia instead of Sitting on Cork Lunacy Board and Non Attending Board Member 90 Year old Earl of Mount Cashel.

Tim Healy Governor General Irish Free State Census Return 1901

At the fireplace in the Anchor Hotel Bantry, the Future Governor General Tim Healy (1855-1931) with friends asked as a parting gift that ‘something be done about the path from Adrigole to Lauragh’ now the Healy Pass and Bill O’Donnell’s Memoir ‘The Shortest Way Home.

1890, Will of Denis Murphy, Builder, Bantry, Builder of Bantry Pier, Father of William Martin Murphy. 1919, William Martin Murphy, Derrymihan, Beara and Dublin, businessman. Estate £250,000. He left a range of businesses with a substantial asset value, including Dublin’s tramway system, hotels in Dublin and Glengariff, Cleary’s Department store, a range of railway shares and various properties including a builders yard in Bantry (which is still in business). He had also invested heavily in the Dublin newspaper industry.

William Martin Murphy, Magistrate, 1884, The Square, Bantry, and Dartry Rathmines, Dublin, listed 1913.

A love affair between Samuel Beckett’s father Bill and Eva Murphy frustrated by her father William Martin Murphy

Associated with William Martin Murphy was the Chance family who sponsored Noel Browne, (Doctor, Minister for Health in coalition Government 1948-1951, through his medical studies. They had Bantry connection to the 1960s.