1963, John T. Collins, ‘Durrus, ‘An Ancient Highly Prized Celtic Parochial Centre. Listed in a Papal Decree 1199 AD’

He was from around Kilmeen outside Clonakilty and in th e1910 became a nurse in Cork Mental Hospital. He retire in the early 1960 as a senior administrator.

His historical work emerged in the 1930 perhaps before and is characterized by a very high degree of accuracy. His circle included Paddy O’Keeffe, Bantry businessman (40 boxes of his papers are in the Cork Archives), Bernard O’Regan of Aughadown, Basil O’Connell, a descendant of Daniel O’Connell and author with is brother of the O’Connell Tracts.


A lot of John T. Collins articles have been digitalised