The original books can be viewed here. The Durrus books are well done, for some parishes it is very difficult to make out names and townlands:

Later records Griffith Valuation c 1850 can be viewed here, all occupiers are listed, the tithes only listed holdings over 1 acre:


Tithe Applotments 1831 Townland as  written Landlord The Tithe Applotment Books are a vital source for genealogical research for the pre-Famine period, given the loss of the 1821-51 Census records. They were compiled between 1823 and 1837 in order to determine the amount which occupiers of agricultural holdings over one acre should pay in tithes to the Church of Ireland (the main Protestant church and the church established by the State until its dis-establishment in 1871). “Although the Tithe Applotment Books are not a list of householders, in the absence of censuses for this period, they are valuable to the family historian, since they serve as a listing of land occupiers. However, since the commissioners were concerned only with those occupiers liable for the payment of the tithe, they would not generally have included cottiers, laborers holding conacre land, or landless people such as weavers, farm servants and vagrants.

Equally important, the books preserve the name and topography of pre-Ordnance survey territorial divisions, many of which were to disappear from the official record in the following decade. As a result of the countrywide mapping begun in 1833 and the changes in administrative boundaries by the Boundary Act of 1836, the government declared some denominations of land too large and subdivided them into smaller units with new names. Some townlands, for example, were transferred not only from one parish to another but from one county to another! The topographical and geographical problems thus cReagh (An Ré)ted for the genealogist can make territorial location of an ancestor difficult.

This is an example for the Parish of Durrus/Kilcrohane (Cill Chrócháin) retained in the Land Commission records originals probably destroyed in 1922.  Each parish select vestry had a function in approving applottments the Cork Consistory Registry kept the originals.”

1831 Kilcrohane (Cill Chrócháin) tithes applotments. The Commissioners appointed to value William Symms, William Pearson, certified 13th February 1831, Parish of Kilcrohane (Cill Chrócháin), 18,353 acres, value, £2,435.2 shillings.  Apportioned as to Rev. Alcock,Vicar Durrus, £170, 45?, Alexander O’Driscoll, Esq., Lessee of Lord Donoughmore, £170, 45%, Nathaniel Evanson, Esq., £30, 10%, lessee of Lord Riversdale.

Also included is census information from 1766 to 1841.

Further information on of the weavers in the district.