From ‘A Kinsale Scrapbook. Phil O’Neill, Southern Star, 6th April 1935

Fiddler: Abraham Watkins Esq, Cork Extensive Property Owner in Bandon, Will dated 12th July 1715, My Daughter Mary Watkins ‘Not to have one penny if she marries Darby Cartie the Fiddler’, Deed of 1718 between William Bailey, Ballinacolle, Myross, West Cork wherein Charles Stanton is to teach his daughter and four children dancing, jigs, hornpipes, minuets and country dances.

Pipers and Fiddlers for Tenant Gala on Kerry Estates of the Earl of Bandon 1793.

Aibidial Gaoidheilge Agus Caiticiosma, First Book Published in 1571, in Irish, in Ireland Acquired by Trinity College Dublin, 1995, TCD Hurling Team Photo, 1880. One Time Member Sir Edward Carson (Lord Carson).

1631. Cork City Council object to the playing of Hurling on the streets and direct the Lord President to abolish it.

Cowhair Hurling Balls

Record of the North Cork Regiment of Militia with Sketches extracted from History of the times in which its services were required, from 1763 to 1880. Taunts at Hurling Final.