1828. Cork Auxiliary Bible Society Deputation Visit to Clonakilty, Rosscarbery, Schull, Bantry, Durrus, Dunmanway, Bandon, Opposition Expected None Materialised. Dunmanway attempt by Gustavus Warner, Esq and His Drivers to seize livestock at Knockane at attempt to Seize A Horse, Sheep and Pigs property of John and Daniel McCarthy, Locals Fired on. One man Killed.




Dunmanway attempt by Gustavus Warner, Esq and His Drivers to seize livestock. The first Ordnance Survey Maps shows tht most town adn villages in West Cork had pounds. There cattle or other livestock that were seized for nonpayment of rent to tithes were held prior to auction.

Seizures were by drivers or proctors men often around midnight adn were often the cause or serious violence. With the coming of rates from 1850 adn the abolition of tithes pounds disappear from the mid 19th century. Rent arrears were through the courts ultimately in some case resulting in evictions.