I stumbled across Herbert Zachariah Deane, Solicitor 1889 Clonakilty, 1900 Parliamentary Agent for House of Lords. He seems unknown which is surprising.

He is the Son of Barnabas Deane, Gentleman Dunmanway. The Barnabas Christian name runs in the Dunmanway Dense and Deane families as in Durrus whose roots are in Dunmanway. In 1901 his parents are Methodist speak Irish.

It is unclear how he transgressed as a young solicitor? in Clonakilty in 1897 to within 5 years being the leading Parliament Agent and Solicitor in London navigating important Irish cases through the House of Lords in its Judicial Functions

From 1917 he is representing Irish Political Prisoners in London and granted access to Maud Gonne McBride in Pentonville Gaol. It is possible tht he knew Sam Maguire who would have been in London around this time.

IN the 1920s and 1930s he represents the Irish Government in the London Superior Courts adn the Privy Council. The Irish Government managed by the mid 1930 to eliminate any recourse to the Privy Council and Bunreacht na hEireann in 1937 established the Supreme Court as the final count in Irish Legal Affairs until we joined the tem EEC in 1972. The Irish Constitution (or Bunreacht na hÉireann) was ratified by the Irish people in 1937. It is the fundamental law of the State. … It also describes the fundamental rights of every Irish citizen. The Constitution is also part of a wider human rights framework in Ireland.

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1941, Mrs. Potter is widow of Frederick Eldon Potter, editor Skibbereen Eagle. She is of the Morris, Benduff, Rosscarbery family and a granddaughter of the Durrus Evanson family.

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