A good snapshot of the house contents and  farm equipment of a prosperous gentleman farmer.


John Hassett, Forest, Macroom.  Extensive land owner, 140 acres of prime land 2 miles from Crookstown Railway Station.  Seeking equality of endowment in Catholic education 1859. 1861 Corinthians Steeple Race off new Kinsale Road near Cork Stewart with C. W. Wise, Woodlands, Phillip Sarsfield, Dougcloyne, W. T .Schreiber, Annagh House, A. Hutchins, Cork, Captain R. T. Rye, Ryecourt .Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen, 1868.   Ahakista Cottage, 1868 seeking Cork meeting re equality arising from disestablishment of C of I. Probate 1875, £4,000.  Left a sum to various priests to set up a fund for the masses for the repose of his soul.

Brother Henry Hassett, attorney, Cork

Henry Hassett Esq., (1822-1870), Woodlands, Bandon. Chairing  Bandon 1869, Member Election Committee, Rickard Deasy, Clonakilty (later Attorney General) 1855.  Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen, 1868. Executors Margaret and John Hassett.  1867 address to Father Shinkwin on his departure also signed by Francis Hurley, Clancool House, Dr. Charles McCarthy.  Brother in law and executor John Hurley, brewer, Bandon.  Probate 1870 to his brother John, Forest, Macroom  £2,100

Brother in Law

John Hurley, Esq., Brewer, Malster and Hop Merchant, Chapel Lane, Bandon. 1832 election voted for Biggs. with Eugene O’Neill invited Daniel O’Connell to a dinner of the Reformers of West Riding. 1841 meeting to improve navigation on Bandon River. Promoter of Cork to Bandon Railway. 1842 O’Connell Tribute, Bandon. Involved in Bandon Agricultural Society advocate land improvement and use of native resources, 1845 publicly at the Show.  Will 1855 proven 1849 leaves his mill, brewery, farm to brothers in law, John Hassett, Forest, Macoom, Henry Hassett, attorney, Cork in trust for wife Johanna nee Hassett.   Probably the father of Charles Francis Hurley, brewer dyed 1874.


May 1861