West Cork History

1809 West Cork Census Population, Religious Breakdown Land Estate Rental, Schools, Thomas Newenham, Coolmore, Carrigaline, Relying on Catholic Bishop of Cork Diocesan Returns.

Newenham produced a number of books promoting good agriculture and native industry.  He uses extensive statistical data from Customs and Excise returns, the Heart Money Tax Returns (destroyed in 1922) and in this case the Catholic Bishop of Cork and Ross gave him access to a census he had the clergy carry out.

Newenham Estate:


Rents trebled in Durrus between On Evanson Estates 1882 and 1809.  The Parish Priest presumably made this return.  The Evansons were the largest landlords having two estates. the larger (a leasehold interest expiring c1853) following their financial difficulties was rented from the Bernards (Later Lord Bandon)  of Bandon from c 1715.  When the Bandon estate recovered the lands the village of Carrigbui (Durrus) was a collection of mud huts which Lord…

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