Rev. Somers Payne (1785-1857), TCD, A Bundle of Contradictions, Grand Master of Orange Order, Co. Cork, Master Political Operator, Alleged he Enrolled his Labourers as Apprentices so They Would Have a   Vote, Nephew of Patriot Shears Brothers, Executed for Being United Irishmen in 1798, Agent to Lord Bantry, Pioneering Agriculturalist, Sympathy for Cottiers, Smallholders, his Son Augustus Agent to Bantry Estate, Died of Famine Fever, Bantry aged 26 in 1844, his Son  Rev. Gethin Payne  Died of  Fever 1844 aged 26.

Rev. Somers Payne (1785-1857), TCD, son of James, physician, Pre 1815, 1823, Ardagh as Rev. S.H. Payne, Upton, Grand Master Orange Order, Co. Cork.  Ordained 1810.  Sons Rev. Henry, James, John Warren daughter Mary married Nash.  Voted for Hutchinson 1826 election. Bandon Brunswick Constitutional Club 1828, sitting Bantry and Bandon, 1835, Provost of Bandon. Agent to Lord Berehaven since 1820 son Augustus agent to Lord Bantry. 1828 Bandon Quarter Sessions. Following a large Protestant meeting 1834 at Castlebenard nominated to prepare a petition to the British King and Parliament with the Rev. Somers Payne, Councillor Mannix, Lords Berehaven and Bandon. Parliamentary Commission sitting Bantry 1845 showed sympathy for labourers and cottiers.  The Rev. Somers Payne’s mother was sister of John and Henry Shears, Barristers in the City of Cork, who perished on the scaffold for alleged ‘high treason’ at the opening of the ‘present century’. 1835 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837.  Promoter Bandon to Bantry Railway 1845. A grandson mentioned in the will of Eliza Gethin, Cork, 1801 property for him held in trust by Dr. Boyle Coughlan and Gilbert Henry Fleming, attorney, Dublin. His son Augustus died 1844 leaving £450 he was executor but in 1858 as he was dead his son’s estate was administered by James Henry Payne, Beechmount, Co. Cork.  Died in Bantry of famine fever around the same  time Augustus Warren Payne aged 27 his brother a year younger the Rev. Percy Gethin Payne died of fever at his father’s house. His Upton property became a Reformatory School under the Rosminian Fathers in 1860.  Land record, 1870, 653 acres.  Sir Augustus Louis Carre Warren succeeded to the baronetcy in 1811. He and his wife Mary had two sons and two daughters. They were Augustus, born on 17th May 1791 and John Borlase, born on the 13th September 1800. The daughters were Esther and Charlotte. Esther married James Colthurst of Dripsey Castle on the 30th July 1808, which linked the family by marriage into two of the most powerful families in Cork: the Bernard’s and the Colthurst. Esther died on the 22nd July 1872. Charlotte married Reverend Somers H. Payne of Upton House.[68] Sir Augustus Louis Carre Warren died on the 30th January 1821.  Listed 1856  as Rev. Somers H. Payne as having 21,050 trees planted in Brinny.  The Brinny estate was previously lived in by Rev. William Lewis Beauford.

Son, died of famine fever. The famine is thought of as starvation but many died of fever dn diseases which were no respecters of rank, class or religion. Countless doctors and medical personnel perished

Augustine Warren Payne, (1817-1844), 1840 Bantry, Home place Upton.  Attending the 1840 Great Meeting Bantry re Poor Law. Managing Lord Bantry Estates with Patrick O’Sullivan, Millcove managing Beara Estate also managing Conner estates.  Gave extensive evidence 1841 election petition he was in Longfield Leader conservative interest.  Member Dalys Conservative Club Cork.  Died in Bantry of famine fever around the same  time his brother a year younger the Rev. Percy Gethin Payne died of fever at his father’s house.  His son Augustus died 1844 leaving £450 he was executor but in 1858 as he was dead his son’s estate was administered by James Henry Payne, Beechmount, Co. Cork

Other Payne Magistrates

John Orpen Payne,  (1849-1888), 1876, Castletown, Berehaven, Resident, £175. 1887 tried at Cork Assizes for a gunshot wound to Michael Lynch, stonemason Bantry.  evidence was they were good friends got drunk and shot and went off acquitted. Died aged 39, epileptic convulsions 1888 Reendonegan House, probate to widow Jane Payne £74.

John Warren Payne Shears or John Warren Payne, see also under Shears (1819-1902), D.L. New St. and Beach House, Bantry.  Son of Rev. Somers Payne.  Grand nephew of patriot Shears brothers executed 1798. Attending as ’William J’ Famine Relief Meeting Dunmanway 1846. 1846 donor famine relief Beara. Probably in Castletownbere Board of Guardians: 1 Nov 1850 Letter from TW Payne, Castletown, read complaining of large crowds [of members of the public] attending early mass at the auxiliary workhouse. He notes: ‘this is most irregular and opens a door to plunder letter stating that the new workhouse is ready for occupation.  Promoter 1845, Projected Bandon to Bantry Railway.  Attending Railway meeting Drimoleague 1856.  Bantry Quarter Sessions, 1862, Cork Spring Assizes 1863, listed 1854.  1870 returned as owner 621 acres address Bantry. James Gilhooly MP alleged he was sitting in Skibbereen Quarter  Sessions 1888 outside his district.  A large a meeting was held in 1881 in Bantry, a crowd estimated at 6,000 The Father McCarthy Band played, green rosettes and scarves, patriotic airs. By order of the Magistrates J. W. Payne and Warburton, Resident Magistrate, the pubs were closed.  Government reporter taking notes. Attending Cork Grand Jury 30 times 1867-1899. 1891  1884, signed a protest against the dismissal of Lord Rossmore, head of Orange Order, Monaghan. Stood as Conservative in West Cork Constituency General Election 1885 got 37s votes his opponent James Gilhooly Irish Parliamentary Party got 3,920 votes. 1901 Castlefarm, Monkstown wife Sarah.  Probate died Brookhurst, Monkstown, 1901 to Son John Warren Shears Payne, £19,539 resworn £15,539.

Somers (Henry) Payne (1854-1920), BL, 1885, Carrigmahon, Monkstown, major business figure Cork. 1892 attending funeral of Jane Dillon nee Roycroft (1843-1892). Executor James W. Payne. Barrister, Businessman, Land Agent. Somers Payne B.L. (1853-, 1885, Carrigmahon, Monkstown, son John Warren Payne, BL. Land Agent, Beech House, Bantry, he ran against James Gilhooley in election and was defeated, Bantry, ed. Rossall, Irish Bar 1875-1883, Director Munster and Leinster Bank, Bandon Railway, m 1879 Edith d John Leslie, Lee Carrow, Passage, Paynes originate Upton, Bandon, Land Agents to Bantry and other Estates, listed 1913.   Somers Henry Payne, James Gilhooly MP alleged he was sitting in Durrus Petty Sessions 1887 outside his district.  Attending Cork Grand Jury 16 times 1887-1889.  Irish Bar 1875, Munster bar, 115 Upper Leeson St.