Dr. James Edward Somerville (1810-1904), M.D., Doctor, Union Hall, Skibbereen. Had an enormous repertoire of old Irish tunes, gifted with horses, beloved locally. Somerville Magistrates.


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1834, 1863, 1864 Dr. James Edward Somerville M.D., Doctor, Union Hall Running for Coroner West Riding 1864 on death of Paul Limrick citing 30 years experience. Masonic concert Skibbereen 1863. Dr James Edward Somerville MD was born on 18 February 1810 and married on 13 June 1847 Ellen, daughter of John French (6) of Rath,(7) Co Cork. He was living at Park Cottage, Leap, Co Cork, when he received a legacy of £800 on the death of his cousin Richard Mellifont-Townshend [236] in 1884. He died in 1904 leaving issue – Thomas Townsend Somerville, John French Somerville, Mary Cornelia Somerville, Elizabeth Townsend Somerville, Henry Somerville, James Somerville, Edward Somerville, Ellen Somerville, Philip Somerville, Grace French Somerville (she married Thomas Hewett Poole, Land Agent, Mayfield, Knockaveale, Bandon) and Ada Charlotte Augusta Somerville.(7a) Their daughter Elizabeth married John Beamish of Ballymoney on 10 Oct 1871. Had an enormous repertoire of old Irish tunes, gifted with horses beloved locally. Thomas Somerville, M.D., trustee 1868. in will of Thomas Fitzgibbon, physician, Rosscarbery, Died 1904, aged 94, informant daughter Mary C. Somerville, Bawnlahan.

Probably related to Tom Somerville, a Magistrate who apparently had good Irish

Aylmer Coghill Somerville DL, 1891, England,  Tally-Ho House, Castletownshend, listed 1913, President of Carbery Agricultural Show 1892-7, as was his father earlier in 1840s, also involved Colonel Morgan The O’Donovan.  listed at Shanacourt Castle, Castletownshend, 1921. Listed at Shanacourt Castle, Castletownshend, 1921. Executor £489, of father Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Somerville D.L.(1825-1898)

Major John (East India Company) Townsend Somerville (1800-1861), Point House, Castletownshend, sitting Skibbereen, Union Hall 1850. Son of Captain Philip and Margaret Hungerford, m 1839 Frances Margaret d Rev. Arthur Herbert, Myross Wood. Probate 1861 to widow Frances Mary, £3,000.

Philip Somerville -1861), Priory (Prairie), Schull, 1850, listed 1850, 1856, 3rd son Thomas, Drishane, and Mary d Philip Townsend, Derry, m 1. daughter Horace Townsend, 2. 1816 Harriet d Richard Townsend, the Point, 3. Isabella d Redmond Uniacke, Old Court, Captain South Cork Militia. 1822 local fishery committee.  Freeman of Cork. May be churchwarden Castlehaven 1824. Donor 1825 to Schull Catholic Church. Grand Jury Presentment Sessions Schull, 1834.  Listed in 1841 election Longfield/Leader, £50 freeholder North Lisacaha, Schull.  Receiver under Court of Chancery for W. H. Hull, a minor turned out 10 from Hull estate at Lowertown 1845. Probate 1861 to John Limrick, Union Hall, £4,000.

Richard (Richard Nevile) Somerville, Castletownshend, Present at enquiry Skibbereen 1823 enquiry into fatal affray at Castlehaven caused by Rev. Morritt’s tithe extraction.  1822 local fishery committee. 1825 two day Admiralty sitting re’ Clio’, St. Johns New Brunswick, Skibbereen, Richard Townsend with Richard Townsend Junior, William Somerville Limrick, Richard Neville Somerville, award partially overturned by Baron Pennyfeather Cork Assizes.  11829 tithe commissioner Tullagh (Baltimore) with Thomas Evans.

Thomas Townshend Somerville, 1796, Castlehaven.  Freeman of Cork.

Rev. Thomas Somerville, Clerke, 1744, may have been earlier apprenticed to attorney Cork clerk to brother-in law Thomas Spraigh, Collector Baltimore.

Thomas Somerville Esq. D.L. (1797-1882), Drishane House,Castletownshend, son of Thomas, m Harriett Townsend of Castle Townsend in 1822, d Colonel Richard Boyle Townsend (1756-1827). Pre 1830, listed 1835 Castlehaven. Freeman of Cork.  Irish Speaking exhorted calm in notorious affray caused by Rev. Morritt tithe extraction. Signed public declaration in Skibbereen to Alexander O’Driscoll on his removal as Magistrate 1835 with Lord Bantry, Simon White, John Puxley, Arthur Hutchins, Thomas Baldwin, Samuel Townsend Junior and Senior, Richard Townsend Senior, Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Timothy O’Donovan, Richard Townsend, Lyttleton Lyster. 1838, sitting Skibbereen, 1835, 1850. Presentment sessions East Division of West Carbery, Skibbereen 1845.  A Thomas Somerville at Bandon Brunswick Constitutional Club 1828, Cork Spring Assizes 1863 HIgh Sheriff as Thomas, Drishane. 1828 application to Dublin Castle re gas supply for Skibbereen. involved with Richard Townsend,Castletownshend and James Redmond Barry, Glandore, in setting up Agricultural and Country Bank in Skibbereen, April 1835.  1835 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837. Chairman Skibbereen Board of Guardians 35 years, 1848-81. Chairing Skibbereen 1847 distress meeting.  1847 distribution forCastletownshend of New England Relief Committee Famine Relief.   Small estate 450 acres. Grandfather of Edith Somerville (1858-1949)

Thomas Henry Somerville D.L., 1862, Cobh, Resident, £155, may have m Elizabeth 10th d. Sir Josiah Coghill, 3rd Baronet, and Anna Maria d Chief Justice Bushe, son Colonel Thomas Cameron Fitzgerald Somerville b 1862, Malmaisson, Castletownshend  Check 

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Somerville D.L.(1825-1898), Clontaff, Drishane/Union Hall, 1855, Resident, £119, listed 1875-6. British Army retired to Drishane 1858.  Owned 450 acres in 1870s. father of Edith Somerville. High Sheriff Co. Cork 1888. He and wife Adelaide parents of 8 including Edith Somerville (1859-1949).  Probate 1898 to son Aylmer Coghill Somerville, Drishane, £489. Check if correct Thomas

Colonel Townsend,Castletownshend, subscriber Dr. Daniel Donovan ‘History of Carbery, 1876.

Captain Thomas Somerville DL (1818-1891), The Prairie, Schull, subscriber Dr. Daniel Donovan ‘History of Carbery, 1876. Member election committee McCarthy Downing, Skibbereen, 1868. 1866 Freemason Treasurer Skibbereen 15th Lodge.  1878 Trustee marriage settlement Wright/Philips. Poor Law Guardian, Skibbereen 1884.  James Gilhooley MP alleged he was sitting in Skibbereen Quarter Sessions 1887 outside his district, he may have been living at Durrus Court at that stage.     Probate died at Beach Bantry, 1891 to wife Millicent Hart M.E., (Evans relation?) Ardrala, Newcourt, Skibbereen she died aged 63, 1898, £568. Widow’s probate to Robert Symms, Skibbereen, £970, Plaque in St. Brendan’s Church, Bantry put up by three daughters.  Attending Cork Grand Jury 13 times.

Colonel Thomas C. F. Somerville, 1919, Drishane House, Castletownshend, listed 1921.