1626. Abstract of Chancery Roll, O’Driscoll Lands in Barony of Carbery, McCarthy of Kilbrittain some Genealogies recited.

Colermore may be Collimore, Schull. BallymcCrawen the general area around Baltimore.

From a surviving Chancery roll. Original may be inspected at the National Archives.

Historical definition of Townland as the area that could be ploughed by a Seisreach (A Six-Horse team) in Forty Eight Days.  This is from Pádraig Ó Loingsigh history of the parish of Caherdaniel.

Ancient Land Divisions:

Thomas Larcom, the first director of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, made a study of the ancient land divisions of Ireland and summarised the traditional hierarchy of land divisions thus:[9][12]   10 acres – 1 Gneeve; 2 Gneeves – 1 Sessiagh; 3 Sessiaghs – 1 Tate or Ballyboe; 2 Ballyboes – 1 Ploughland, Seisreagh or Carrow; 4 Ploughlands – 1 Ballybetagh, or Townland; 30 Ballybetaghs – Triocha Céad or Barony.