The lands involved here are former O’Sullivan territory forfeit to the English Crown for ‘Rebellion’.

Given the Davenport family involvement in the Bantry Bay fisheries the interest here probably fisheries.

Killovinogue abuting Bantry Bay, in Durrus West District. Kiloveenoge (Irish: Cill Ui Mhionoig, meaning ‘Minogue’s church’, or Cill Oighe Mhineog meaning ‘church of the virgin Mineog’). Child burial ground, on the east side is a former Protestant Church built 1860, the west side is the site of an old church and burial grounds. Some distance from where Mike Hegarty’s shop was located is a grave of sailors who were shipwrecked, marked with thorn bushes, possibly from c 1850. Lot 496 Philip O’Sullivan 1.5 ploughlands, 335 acres arable and pasture. Richard Earslman, 6 irish. 1650 patent to Christopher Davenport, mentioning Sheery? Donovan “1670 William Ball 296 acres, north side of Killovinogue. 1805, 1809 Stephen Hutchinson selling various lots of Hutchinson estate address Killovinogue. 1807 Extract from deed: Stephen Hutchinson, Clonee, heir and eldest son of Hugh, Clonee, died 1804, landlords of Clonee to Eugene O’Sullivan, farmer, Beach, Bantry for a rent of £77 lands part of Kilvenogue lately tenanted by Denis Hurley, Timothy, Hurley and partners, bounded on west by Gortlassa and the old road leading to the sea on the south by Clashadoo, on the east by George Bakers (Rooska) holding and to the north by Frakeal? and in the possession of Eugene O’Sullivan for the lives of Daniel son of Eugene aged about 21, George Vickery son of James Vickery about 10, Richard Roycroft Junior, son of Richard Roycroft, Senior, of Rooska, aged about 20, witness Rev. Daniel McCarthy, Bantry (former Parish Priest of Durrus likely clerk to Lord Bantry), John? O’Sullivan, Gent, formerly of Ballinale now (1807) of Carrigbui (Durrus) ” 1808 Extract from deed: Stephen Hutchinson, Kilvonogue, heir and eldest son of Hugh, Clonee, died 1804, landlords of Clonee to Michael Donovan, shopkeeper, Bantry, of lands at Kilvenogue lately in occupation of Michael Sullivan and Owen Sullivan and their undertenants, rent charge for sum of £78. 1854, Landed Estate Sale of Arthur Hutchinson decd, intestate with no known heirs listing of tenants. Earlier leases 1808 from Stephen Hutchinson quoted. 1809. Stephen Hutchinson ofˇKillveenoge, seised of Aughagoheen, Parish of Durrus in consideration of £700 from William Syms of Enaghoghter, (Crookhaven) grants a 10 year rent charge of £50 a year, witness Michael Sullivan, Gent., Killoveenoge 1860s Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick may be Patrick Perse Fitzpatrick, Bongor, Sussex. Margaret Sullivan large house and farm Reps Arthur Hutchinson Sale 1854 Landed Estates Court of Estate of late Arthur Hutchinson died intestate and without heirs. Lead mine working. Margaret Fitzpatrick, 1898 Du Cane Goodman. 1906 Vested in Tenants

1639 Edward Davenant Whiddy Island Will dated Whiddy 29th December 1636. He was brother of Bishop of John Davenant of Salisbury, active in Bantry Fishery since 1608 when he leased Whiddy Island from Sir Owen O’Sullivan’s widow. To son Edward D.D. New Sarum, Wilts His father-in-law was Simms, London. One daughter married John Palmer of Whiddy, another son John of Whiddy married Ann Boyle both drowned crossing to Whiddy 1641. William may have been another son. Paddy O’Keeffe papers, Cork Archives He was born London 1586 son of John, Cambridge 1584. Brothers Cambridge graduation: John 1587, William 1590, George 1602.

1649 Patent to Christopher Davenport of Lands at Kilveenogue, Parish of Durrus, Bantry, Resident Sheehy? Donovan.

Davenports active in fishing Bantry since early 17th century.