1804, Clonakilty. Lower Class of Protestant Speak English and Irish.

From Cotter family website:

1830, Cotters, Inchileegahg, ‘Diarmaid told me that, years ago, he had asked Da who was the last of our ancestors to have been an Irish speaker, Diarmaid is not totally certain of who Da said, but thinks that he said that Sylvester was the last and that his family were very ashamed of this old-fashioned practice.’

Dr. Edward Wetenhall Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross, BA, Cambridge,, FRS,  (1636-1713), 1679.  Member Dublin Philosophical Society. Wrote of his cruel suffering at the hands of Irish Papists 1688-1690.  One of seven Church of Ireland Bishops to stay in Ireland 1688-1690. Pamphlet controversy with William Penn.  In 1710 he drew up a memorial to James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, the Lord Lieutenant, urging the need of providing ‘books of religion’ in the Irish language, in accordance with the ideas of John Richardson, D.D. (1664–1747), a clergyman in his diocese