Magistrate: Rev. Edward Herbert Kenny, 1799, died 1842.  Freeman of Kinsale 1797. Subscriber, at Moviddy, James Mullalla, Review of Irish Affairs 1688-1795. Major figure in road building praised by Horatio Townsend for road work enabling sea sand to go through Kilmeen to interior. Present at enquiry Skibbereen 1823 into enquiry into fatal affray at Castlehaven caused by Rev. Morritt’s tithe extraction. 1822 received £50 for distress in Kilmeen from Lord Lieutenant.  1830 subscriber Robert O’Callaghan Newenham ‘Views of the Antiquities of Ireland’. 1833 tithes.  1831, Ballineen 1835, 1835 Son of Rev. Dr. John Kenny, rector of Kilbrogan which he spent £3. 104 on,  his father had married sister of Emmett Archbishop of Tuam. Family based in Bandon area. Subscriber at Kilmeen Glebe where he was rector for 43 years. Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837. Rector of Durrus for 6 years. Edward Herbert Kenney 1793-1799, a Justice of the Peace 28th May 1799.  He was later Rector Rosscarbery and his work in organising relief work (in the famine of 1822) and paying the workers in money or meal was praised by the Parish Priest for his ‘meritorious conduct’.  Family buried at Ballymartle.   County Freeman Kilmeen of Cork City voting in Cork City Election 1837.

Rev. Edward Herbert Kenny, Rector of Kilmeen, Widely Praised for Work on Road and Bridges enabling Sea Sand to be used as Fertilizer in Interior of West Cork. 1832 calls in Gunboat to Clonakilty, 69th Regiment and Police in Attempt to Collect his tithes at Kilmeen and Ballygurteen.

It is difficult to reconcile his altruism and industry wiht his tithe collecting attempts. Reading the Chief Secretary Papers the military and Dublin Castle Authorities wee thoroughly sick of him and his high handed antics.

Kilmeen Herbert Gillman, Edward O’Brien.  Rev. Edward Herbert Kenny £750 entirely to Rev. Edward Herbert Kenny.  Special Vestry chaired by Robert Sealy, William Buttomere (Buttimer), John Bateman, John Collins approved no variation for 21 years rector assented. 1833 For 7 years ending 1821 barrel of wheat £1 18 shillings 8 and a half pence grown in said country

Chief Secretary Papers:

CSO/RP/1832/5791. Letters from EH Kenny, Rector of Kilmeen and magistrate, Clonakilty, [County Cork], to Edward Smith Stanley, [Chief Secretary], stating that his bailiff was assaulted while attempting to distrain livestock in lieu of tithe arrears in his parish and that a party of police was stoned while attempting to restore order; seeking the stationing of a military force in the parish and suggesting that the military commanders be appointed to the commission of the peace.

Also letter from Daniel Conner and NS Shuldham, magistrates, to Stanley, reporting on the incident. CSO/RP/1832/6119. Letter from the [Maj Gen Edward Blakeney, Commander in Chief], Major General Commanding, Royal Hospital, [Dublin], to Sir William Gosset, [Under Secretary], forwarding a report [not extant] from Col Wilson, commanding the 65th Reserve concerning the enforcement of tithes at Kilmeen, [possibly County Cork]. CSO/RP/1832/5562.

File containing police reports of a serious attack on the police and military while attempting to assist Rev Edward H Kenny with the enforcement of his tithes at [Ballingurteen, County Cork] CSO/RP/1832/6335.

Letter from [Arthur Chichester, 1st Baron] Templemore, Military Secretary, Royal Hospital, Dublin, to Sir William Gosset, [Under Secretary], referring to military reports from Maj Gen James Douglas and Capt Patience, 65th Reserve at Clonakilty, [County Cork], concerning an unnecessary request made to Capt Patience by Rev EW Kenny, magistrate. Also copy of letter from Gosset, Dublin Castle, to Kenny, Kilmeen, Clonakilty, informing him that the troops should not have been required to march 18 miles on unnecessary business.