West Cork History

The article in now available online: 1845-7

These records were transcribed in 1946 by T. Shea and published in the 1946 issue of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society.  

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It was based on the record lent to him by William Daunt of Deriga House, Ballineen.  His uncle Mr. Daunt was secretary of the Society and presumable maintained the records including the townland of the member.

Landlords have enjoyed a bad press in Ireland,. However n West Cork, some and their agent were anxious to promote modern agriculture, new crops, selective breeding, instructors. The various Agricultural Societies normally have a large Landlord representation.


Conner, possibly not a member but gave speeches. The Conners/Connor/O’Connors were agents for the Devonshire Estate but dismissed for alleged malpractice in granting favourable leases to relations. The family may be a scion of the ancient irish O’Conor family or London merchants…

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