1754, Another of Cork’s Periodic Banking Crises, Thanks to the Duke of Dorset (Lionel Sackville) for The Public Credit During the present Crisis, Signed by Leading Merchants.

Lionel Cranfield Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset KG PC (18 January 1688 – 10 October 1765) was an English political leader and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Dorset served twice as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, from 1731 to 1737 and again from 1751 to 1755. In 1739, at the foundation of the Foundling Hospital, he was one of that charity’s original governors. His first term as Lord Lieutenant was uneventful. His second took place at a time of acute political tension between the two main factions in the Irish Government, one led by Henry Boyle, the Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, the other by George Stone, the Anglican Archbishop of Armagh. Dorset, now heavily influenced by his son George Sackville, made the mistake of openly backing the Archbishop. He was unable to oust Boyle from power, and was accused of being the Archbishop’s tool. He became extremely unpopular, leading to his eventual recall.