Dr. Richard Caulfield Collection,  Including Genealogies, Kinsale Deeds from 1493, Boole Library, University College Cork



Kinsale Deeds 1493, ..

Richard Caulfield Papers (ml) U.83 * See also

U.83/1/30 Memorandum relating to the Rochfort family (related to Kearneys of Garretstown), 1798 given to Richard Caulfield by

Dominick Sarsfield, [51 pages]. U.83/1/31 Notebook with writings of Richard Caulfield (State Papers Office 1867), [10 pages]. U.83/1/32 Copy of the “Funeral Certificates in Ireland The Noble & Illustrious Family of


U.83/2/1 Richard Cox’s Ms. transcribed by Richard Caulfield. U.83/2/2 The Industrial Resources of Youghal. (his wife) of a garden in Kinsale, 6th May ’22 [Henry VII, 1507]. U.83/2/5 Deed (in latin) of Edmond Roche, son of Philip Roche of Kinsale (merchant) granting

to William Dubh (niger) Laghnagn (carpenter) and Alice (Eilis) Iny Wellaghan (his wife), a house (messuage) in Kinsale (boundary given) on 30th April 1558 [year of King Philip and Queen Mary]. U.83/2/6 Deed of Conveyance by Margaret Barry to James Bayes of land in Ballymichell

(Mitchelstown near Kinsale) on 23 March 1566. U.83/2/7 Deed of Conveyance by Patrick Galway (burgess of Kinsale) to Patrick Copener of a

garden in Kinsale on May 8th 1493 [Henry VII].

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Manchester. U.83/5/2 Documents and Notes relating to Cork, taken from the Roche Mss. in the British

Around 1600 the Coppingers had extensive property interests in the Baronies of Carbery much acquired by defaulting mortgagors among the Gaelic Gentry.   Library, 28 pages . U.83/5/3 Notes from Book II, chapter II by W. Coppinger, historian relating to the Barrys and

their connection with Cork. [Egerton Mss. 75 B M.] U.83/5/4 Copy of ‘Journal of Ormond’s Proceedings’ from October 4th – October 26th 1598. U.83/5/5 Certified copy of the will of Sir John Copinger, Diocese of Cork and Ross, 1642. U.83/5/6 Certified copy of the will of Thomas Coppinger, Diocese of Cork and Ross, 1724. U.83/5/7 Certified copy of the will of John Coppinger, Diocese of Cork and Ross, 1725 U.83/5/8 Certified copy of the Chaucery Inquisition, Co. Cork, No. 9 of William III. U. 83/5/9 Certified copy of the will of Richard Coppinger Prerogative, 1743. U.83/5/10 Copy of letter from Clement Roche to John Copinger, endorsed by Daniel Heskell. U.83/5/11 Pedigree of the O’Briens of Kilcor. U.83/5/12 List of goods belonging to the Right Hon. Earl of Tyrconnell. U.83/5/13 List of accounts from Cork Corporation’s Mayor’s Office re. Clothing, rents from

leases, rents upon Lee Farms, entertainment. U.83/5/14 1606 James 1 Carte Ms. Division by Barony of the County of Cork U.83/5/15 Could be from James Morrin’s Patent Rolls pages 26-44?

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Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1862), handwritten notes taken from Rawlinson Ms. 479 and the Carte papers in the Bodleian Library, 1862 by Richard Caulfield. U.83/6/2 Handwritten copy of the Parish Register of Carrigaline, 1723-1792 by Richard

Caulfield. U.83/6/3 Handwritten copy of the ‘Vitae Venerabilis Flauvanus’ by Richard Caulfield ( Rawlinson

505). U.83/6/4 Handwritten abstracts by Richard Caulfield, taken from a large bundle of letters –18th

century- lent to him by Justin McCarthy Esq. of Carrignavar [they were found in an old attic during roof repairs] U.83/6/5 [see above] handwritten abstracts by Richard Caulfield taken from correspondence

between Isaac Muskins and his grandmother. Also, 5 original letters included.

October 1598 U.83/6/10 Handwritten copy of George Carew’s material re. Ireland (pp.50-55) U.83/6/11 Handwritten extracts taken from a British Museum Ms. in 1860, relating to Munster. U.83/6/12 Xerox copy of a Ms. copy of the ‘Register of the Freemen of the City and County of

Cork’, 1782-1850, transcribed by R.Caulfield. U.83/6/13 Xerox copy of Caulfield’s abstracts from the papers of Justin McCarthy.(Carrignavar

MS missing from Box – Xerox copy is from Kenneth Nicholls).


U.83/7/1 Copy of Bishop D. Downes Journal ‘ Life of St. Patrick’ written on cover U.83/7/2 ‘Commonplace Book’ by Richard Caulfield U.83/7/3 Extracts from the Public Record Office, London relating to

Cork during the reign of Charles I.

U.83/7/4 Copy of funeral Certificates, Heralds College, London, 1881. [1] U.83/7/5 Copy of funeral Certificates, Heralds College, Lodon, 1881. [2] U.83/7/6 Misc. documents from Heralds College, London, 1881. U.83/7/7 List of Masters, Wardens and Sergeants of the City Guilds 1656-1728.

[No.1] U.83/7/8 List of the Sword-bearers, Sergeants, Water Bailiffs, Common Speakers of

the City Guilds, 1656-1728. [No.3] U.83/7/9 List of Constables, Aldermen, Attorneys, Common Council men and Jurors

of the City Guilds (Cork) 1656-1728. [No.3] U.83/7/10 Cork Wills, e.g. William Verdon 1572, Patrick Sarsfield, Richard Ronan etc.

during the reign of Elizabeth I.


U.83/8/1 “Charters relating to the County and City of Cork”, by R. Caulfield.

[bound hardback containing miscellaneous pedigrees, graveyard inscriptions indentures etc] U.83/8/2 Notes re. ‘French Invasion Bantry Bay’, [307 pages and inserts] U. 83/8/3 Notes on Lord Carew of Cork. U.83/8/4 Obituary for Katherine Maritayne (wife of Lord Bishop of Meath) nee

Queries’. U.83/8/10 Journal entries compiled re. references to Fairs etc. in Cork County. U.83/8/11 Notes re. Sir Henry Sidney’s letter (1575) respecting his visit to Cork to

the Priory Council. U.83/8/12 Copy of State Papers Carl – 1625 U.83/8/13 Copies of Oaths taken by Constables, Attorneys etc. U.83/8/14 Pedigree of William Barry, Barrymore pre 1278. U.83/8/15 1646 U.83/8/22 Galway Pedigree in the passion of Helen Cecil Archer Butler of Farmavilla,

Cahir U.83/8/23 Notes relating to a hard Commission in Cork on 19/3/1655 with a letter

from Oliver P., Whitehall to the Deputy of Ireland 30/3/1657 U.83/8/24 Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Cathedral Church in Limerick

with their number, quantity, donor and price c. Nov. 25 1624

U.83/8/25 Notes from the appendix in the ‘Book of Kinsale’ re the Earl of Desmond

and land in Kerry. With notes on the ‘Trial of the Innocents’ 13/1/1662 U.83/8/26 Extracts of such of the Fiants of Henry V111, Edward V1 and Philip & Mary

as related to the county of Cork, Ireland

U.83/8/27 Notes re Bowles of Ahern with letter from Spotswood Bowles to W.A.

Coppinger dated 24/10/1893 U.83/8/28 Article/Notes on the Spanish land in Ireland in 17th Century U.83/8/29 Notes taken from the Public Record Office, London, the British Museum, and from an original document lent to R. Caulfield by Wm R. Meade, Esq. U.83/8/30 Notes from Calendar of Carew Mss. at Lambeth and Egerton, 76,p.331


U.83/9/1 Extracts from the Public Record Office, London re. the Army in Ireland

1648 and correspondence re. same. [46 pages in hardback copy] U.83/9/2 Notebook with handwritten notes on Shandon Parish re. Grants of Land

during the reign of Henry VIII. [16 pages] U.83/9/3 Notes on the Shan O’Reilly Rebellion, transcribed by R. Caulfield from the

Public Records Office, London on 15th July 1869. [92 pages in hardback copy]

BOX 10

U.83/10/1 “Book of the Expenses and Receipts of the Economics of the Cathedral

Church of St. Coleman Cloyne 1641-78”, transcribed from the ‘Chapter Books’ by R. Caulfield. U.83/10/2 “An abstract of the Acts of the Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St.

Coleman Cloyne 1663 to the present time”, vol. 1 transcribed by R. Caulfield [48 pages] U.83/10/3 “An abstract of the Acts of the Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St.

Coleman Cloyne 1663 to the present time”, vol. 2 transcribed by R. Caulfield [48 pages] U.83/10/4 “An abstract of the Acts of the Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St.

Coleman Cloyne 1663 to the present time”, vol. 3 transcribed by R. Caulfield [48 pages] U.83/10/5 Notebook containing correspondence between Lord Bishop of Cork and

Sir Richard Cox of 1738, transcribed by R. Caulfield from the British Museum in 1871. [44 pages, some pages torn out and 10 loose papers and slips] U.83/10/6 Notebook containing extracts from the Chapter Book of the Cathedral

Church of St. Coleman Cloyne, vol.4(1796-1872) transcribed by R. Caulfield. [12 pages and 1 loose page with funerary monument transcription]

Richard Caulfield Papers U83