1829, Schools of The Sunday School Society, Co. Cork



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Both the Brookfield probably Bandon and the Durrus School (at Sea Lodge) opened in 1820.   This was probably due to the efforts of the Evansons who lived both at Brookfield in Bandon and Durrus.

Society for the Promotion Education of the Poor 1819


Sea Lodge (Durrus) Timothy Daly, 27 from 1824, Catholic recommended by Nathaniel Evanson 65 Patron Nathaniel Evanson Junior (probably in nearly Durrus Court)


Timothy Daly may be from Dromnea also part of Evanson Estate in KIlcrohane and was location of O’Daly Bardic School.  Ruins of school still extant just of Sheeps Head way from Durrus Court to Gearhameen, not the Sea Lodge on coast


Lemcon Robert Driscoll, 30, from 1820 Catholic recommended Rev A Evanson 79


Some West Cork Teachers:






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