1792, Reorganisation of Parishes of Durrus, Kilcrohane, Bantry on building on new Church of Ireland Church at Durrus


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From Maziere Brady, History of Dioceses:  http://www.corkpastandpresent.ie/history/bradysclericalandparochialrecords/volume1/vol1_54_97.pdf


p. 95-96


Correct names o townlands see above.


1792. 27th November. Order of Lord Lieutenant in Council, on petition of Rev. John Kenney,  Vicar of Durrus, Kilcrohane, and Kilmacomoge (Bantry), stating, that in these three vicarages, contiguous and episcopally united, and in length about 24 miles, there is but one church, at Bantry; in consequence of which the inhabitants of Kilbrogan, and of these denominations of plowlands. (viz., Ardoguina, Ballina, Brahalish, Ballycomane, Currahavadera, Coolnaharna, Clasadoe, Capanabona, dlr. Hyde’s Clonee, Coonikee, Croties, Courcolagth, Dromreagh, Dromderaum, Dromatinnehan, Dromreag, Esknabreeny, Upper and Lower Gurteen, Gerameen, Keiloveemo,,e, Kealtas, Lisaremig, Murrick, Rooscagh, Rossmore, Ruskinanised, Tedock, and Ucterglina) can’t, without great inconvenience, resort to it, being from 3 to 8 miles away, but will be within 3 miles at farthest from the new church intended to be built at Carrigbuge, in Durrus parish ; therefore the above townlands will be separated from Kilcrohane, and united to Durrus ; and per 96 DURRUS. [CORK. contra, the following townlands of Durrus will be united to Kilmacomoge, viz., Letterlicky, Agagoheen, Arda, Ardevolebane, Beach, Blackrock, Bargurum, Capanalogher Clonee, Dromclogb, Donbittern, Derrigrinagh, Dromacousane, Dromleigh, Gurticlona, Glenlough, Knockikillen, Maulavard, Paurcana, and the Scarts. As the vicarages are now worth-Kilmocamore, £200; Durrus, £220, and Kilcroghan, £80, £500 in all-so, when the separation aforesaid takes place, Kilcrobane will be worth £250, and Kilmocamoge also £250, saving to present Vicar his rights, &c., for his incumbency.

Durrus Townands:




Kilcrohane Townlands: