1846.  Subscribers to Projected Railway (Probably to Skibbereen), Francis Roycroft, Accountant, €2,500, John Shannon, Accountant, £2,500, Thomas Attridge, £3,250, Dealer all Ballydehob, Daniel Donovan, M.D., Skibbereen, £2,500.

The mechanics to build  railway was by depositing a draft Act of Parliament adn then having it passed.  The background papers woud have financial projections, maps and listing of subscribers who if the project was approved would be called on to invest.  If approved the Company would have powers of Compulsory Purchase.

The list give an indication of the scale of wealth in West Cork contrary to common belief.

The large west Co.Cork town of Skibbereen was first served by rail when the Illen Valley Railway constructed a line from Drimoleague to here in July 1877. The Cork Bandon & South Coast Railway took over the IVR and extended the line south from Skibbereen to reach Baltimore in May 1893, and after which the route was effectively worked as branch from the main line at Drimoleague. In September 1886, the Schull & Skibbereen Tramway built a 3ft gauge line west from here to connect with Schull. The S&ST was the first to close in January 1947, with the Baltimore branch closing along with the rest of the west Cork lines in March 1961.

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1822, 1840, 1859Dr. Daniel Donovan Senior MDDoctor, Dispensary Officer 1840. Magistrate, Donovan Daniel, sen, North streetSkibbereen 1847 distress meeting. Seeking equality of endowment in Catholic education 1859. Born at Ross of ‘island’ branch who formerly owned Ross town. Son Henry Solicitor died 1873. 1810, 1831, 1840, 1846 Dr. Thomas Burke 1824, Surgeon, HP, Blackrock-road (NGC). Possible The Square, 1810 Thomas Burke Half Pay Surgeon married Margaret McCarthy, (1784-1831), posssibly through her he acquired lands at Caheragh, she was likely of the Muclaghs (Clann Tighe Roe Scartaigh) and the lands from McCarthy Gurtnascreena. “May be from Caheragh the person that poet JJ Callanan stayed with for around 2 years when he wrote Gougan Barra and Lamesnt to Morty Oge. memorial to Father Walsh PP leaving Bantry. Attending Great Meeting re Poor Law in 1840, Bantry, gave a speech promoting reeclamation of waste, mine development, employment rather than charity. 1846 distress meeting Bantry. Railway subscriber, 1846, £2,500.1822 subscribed Durrus Church Building Funds as Dr. O’Donovan, Glenlough. Famine Diary of Doctor O’Donovan, Dispensary Doctor, Skibbereen, West Cork, Bodies Buried Coffinless in the Dead of Night in Dunmanus Weighed Down By Stones, to Prevent Starving Dogs From Getting At The Bodies, The Funeral Cry No Longer heard.Daniel O’Donovan MD has land in Knockeens, Glanroon in Griffiths. He was married to a sister of Rickard Deasy of the Clonakilty brewing family, MP and Attorney General for Ireland and later Judge.1840 testimonial to Captain Lyttelton Lyster Esq. Union Hall, Rosscarbery, Subscriber Lewis Topographical Praised on leaving Union Hall 1840 for managing dispensary Loan Funds established by the Countess of Kingston, and given plate by Richard Townsend JP, Point House, Major Allen, Stoneville, Richard Townsend Junior, Clontaff, JP, Philip Somerville, Union Hall, Rev. Edward P. Thompson, Henry Townsend JP, Castletownsend, Thomas Somerville JP, Drishane, Rev James E. Somerville, DD, Union Hall, Richard Adams, Glandore Lodge, John Fitzhenry Townsend, J.R. Barry, JP, Glandore House, Lionel J Fleming, New Court, Father James Mulcahy, Myross, William Baldwin, Baltnathona

Probably the same a Magistrate:

Dr. Daniel O’Donovan 1818, Norton Cottage, Skibbereen, listed 1838, son Richard Esq. O’Donovan Cove, and Jane d Alexander O’Donovan, Squince.  Fond of dogs. Brother of Timothy and Richard O’Donovan J.P. and uncle of Richard O’Donovan J.P.. Daniel O’Donovan MD has land in Knockeens, Glanroon in Griffiths.  Rented Ahakista Cottage from Charles Evanson. On the 14th August 1846, at Lee View, Cork, the residence of the Lady’s father William Harrington, Druggist, Daniel O’Donovan, M.D., J.P. Ahakista, Agnes, eldest daughter of William.  Subscriber at Woodview, Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837. 1850 his boat involved in rescue of Mountaineer at Dunmanus Bay at O’Donovan’s Point.  Buried in Harrington tomb...


Shannons, Durrus probably same line:

1804, rent charge granted by Richard Blair, Esq., Blair’s Cove of £17 for 5 years over Cannanaacaha part of Coolculaghta to John Shannon, Gent., Brahalish, Richard Shannon, Gent., Brahalish, tenanted by John Stanley and his undertenants, witness Robert Shannon, Capanaloha, farmer.