West Cork History


Rev.Paul Limrick legal Action c 1725 re Glebe of Crookhaven,

In the court case concerning the glebe in Crookhaven, Paul wrote “Crookhaven is eight miles of barbarous road from Skull, and in winter, though I take horse before day, I can scarce reach Crookhaven by 12 o’clock. I am obliged immediately, without refreshing myself, to take horse and ride in the night to get home, for there is not in the whole parish a bed a man can lie on, or a morsel to be eaten…”

Later road built:


People mentioned: Rev. Demetrius O’Coghlan, ordained in Cork 1618, fled to England in Rising 1641 and died there, Thadeus Coghlan son to Rev. Demetrius O’Coghlan husband to Sarah, Richard Coghlan, Mrs. Sarah Coghlan, 80, married to Thadeus son to Rev. Demetrius, Mary Coghlan granddaughter by her mother to Mary Coghlan alias Spain whose grandfather was the proprietor of 8…

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