West Cork History

Father/Reverend Daniel McCarthy, ’An tAthair Tadgh Na Muclagh’, Formerly Parish Priest Durrus, West Cork 1790, Marriage to Sarah Blair, of Blair’s Cove, Durrus, and His Petitions to Dublin Castle, Genealogies.

Early Draft being slowly updated, with footnotes:


Early stage draft

Rev Dan McCarthy (Apostatised and married his ward Ms.Sarah Blair) P.P. 1790. He was one of the McCarthy Muclaghs and was known as ‘An t-Athair Tadgh Na Muclagh’. His father used to dispute the claim of the McCarthys of Carrignavar the right to the Chieftainship of the McCarthys. He was influenced by the radical teachings of Voltaire and Rosseau as a student in France.’ He was a classical scholar and acted as interpreter in Bantry between General Dalrymple and the French Officer Prosseau in 1796. His daughter married John Westropp Carey who lived in Glenlough Cottage on the Northside of the Muintervara Peninsula. Carey was formerly of the Peninsular…

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