West Cork History


Obituary Mr. John Copithorne, KIlcoe, Skibbereen, West Cork, and Mrs Ann Copithorne 1908.

Funeral to family plot Aughadown of John Copithorne aged 24, ill for a number of years, officiated by Rev. A B Sweetnam.  This is from the late Mrs. Mary Dukelow nee Fuller, Brahalish one of West Cork’s foremost genealogical like apparently her father of Liscaha, Schull.

Thomas and Willy brothers

Annie, Minnie, Sarah sisters

William Copithorne

Thomas Copithorne

Charles and William Dukelow uncles probably Durrus

Wreaths from

Uncle Tom Aunt Moe? and Leslie

  1. Allen
  2. Trinder

Johnny Kelly

  1. H.. Townsend
  1. Beamish and family

Buried 12th July 1908.

John Copithorne old and respected after an illness of a  number of months buried Aughadown, officiated by Rev. A B Sweetnam.

Mrs Copithorne, wife

Sons Thomas James Daughters Annie, Minnie, Sarah

Charles, William, James Dukelow brothers in law

Thomas Copithorne, Bantry

Thomas Copithorne, Gubbeen

Johnnie Dukelow, nephew

Samuel Copithorne, Thomas…

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