Durrus Court, Gearhmeen, house built by Evansons c 1795 and completely restored recently.  McCarthy Mucklagh Castle c 1615 nearby.   Durrus Court used by Lord Bandon post 1854 as a summer residence adn shooting lodge other times rented out. Aldworths (North Cork) in laws alos used.






1871 Western Tenantry Entertained by Lord Bandon on coming of age of Lord Bernard, at Durrus Court (Gearhameen).  Dinner provided by James Philips of Durrus and Mrs. Fitzgerald, Cork.  

Toasts to :’Her Majesty the Queen’, ‘The Prince and Princes of Wales’, and the Royal Family

‘The Lord Lieutenant and Prosperity to Ireland’, ‘Army Navy and Reserve Forces’


Among those present

Earl of Bantry

Captain Whitman

Colonel Aldworth

Rev. John Triphook, Schull

Rev. W. Fisher, Teampall na mBochht, Goleen

William S. Tisdall

William Morris, probably related to Murphys of Newtown, Bantry.

Michael Hungerford Morris, J.P., Evanson descendant, Friendly Cove.

Rev. W. Dulea, later Parish Priest Durrus.

Rev. R. Noble

Rev Hicks

Rev. Pratt, Durrus

Dr. Thomas Henry Sandiford, M.D., Dispensary Doctor

Captain Thomas, Mine Owner

Mr. Andrews

Lady Mary Aldworth nee Bernard, Bandon

Lady Elizabeth white

Lady Ina White

Lady Jane White

Lady Adelaide and Cathleen Bernard, Bandon

Miss whitmore

Mrs Fisher

Mrs. Noble

Mrs. Pratt, nee Murphy, Newtown, Bantry

Mrs Payne, probably wife of Somers Payne agent Lord Bantry

Mrs Tisdall, may ne nee Murphy Newtown, Bantry

Mrs M Morris

Miss Bessy Morris

Mrs. Sandiford

Mrs. Hicks


Toasts to : ‘Her Majesty the Queen’, ‘The Prince and Princes of Wales’, and the Royal Family

‘The Lord Lieutenant and Prosperity to Ireland’, ‘Army Navy and Reserve Forces’


Cork Constitution September 29, 1871


The Durrus Bandon estte was formerly forfeit McCarthy lands.  The Evansons came into possession post 1690, after thy ran in money troubles they sold to Francis Bernard, Bandon ancestor of Lord Bandon.  The Evansons were granted a lease that expired in 1854.

Details of Bandon Estate tenancies in Durrus post 1854 with named tenant are here:


Right. Hon. James Francis 4th Earl of Bandon (1850- , (see also Bernard) K.P., 1871, Castlebernard, Chairman Irish Landowners Association 1910 Listed 1913, listed 1922.  Married Georgina Dorothy Evans Freke d 7th Lord Carbery and wife Harriet Shouldham, the Dunmanway Shouldhams are descended on the female line from a McCarthy heiress who converted.

Michael Hungerford Morris, 1866, Friendly Cove/Ballivane, Carrigbui (Durrus), Bantry, Resident, £33, Evanson descendant. 1870 Land Return 1,157 acres. 1871 attending coming of age of Lord Bernard at banquet for Lord Bandon’s western tenants, Durrus Court, also ther, William Morris, Mrs M Morris, Miss Bessy Morris

John Pratt, 1875-1902, secured a Commissioners of Public Works loan for land improvement in Clashadoo. Grandfather and father clergymen, native of Midleton, family in Burke’s Peerage.  Married Eva Murphy, Donemark, executor in estate of William Samuel Tisdall, Donemark House 1878, £3,000 may be brother in law.  1866. JOHN PRATT~ M.A., V. Durrus and Kilcrohane, vice Freke. The church population is about 430. There are two churches-the parish church, picturesquely situated at the head of Dummanus Bay, and a small church at the north side of the parish, at Rooska, on the south side of Bantry Bay. This latter-was built in 1866. Durrus parish church was enlarged by the addition of a side aisle in 1867, at a cost of £600, and a chancel built as a gift by the Countess of Bandon. Divine Service is held in the parish church twice on Sundays and chief festivals; and on alternate Sundays at Rooska in s UIllIille.r. There is a capital sum 0’£ £1,000, the interest of which goes towards the assessment, which is £134, stipend of Rector, £250 • The present Incumbent receives a “good service” pension. He contributes £40 a year to the curate’s salary. There are three parochial schools, viz., Glebe School, N. B.; Rooska, N.B.; and Mollough, eh. Ed. Socy. Among the parochial organizations are-Branches of Young Women’s Christian Association, and Temperance Society, and a Weekly Men’s Bible Class; and there are services and meetings for C. M. S., S. P. G., Jews’ Society, Prot. Orph. Socy., Ch. Ed. Socy., Hospitals, Dio. Board of Ed’l Island and Coast Socy., etc. There is an excellent Glebe House, prettily situated close to the church. in 47 acres of glebe land. Rent and taxes amounting to about £74 a year. John Pratt, b. at Churchtown, Midleton, 22nd Oct., 1812, son of the Revd. Robt. Pratt, A.B., P. Desertmore (Brady), and grandson of the Revd. James Pratt, A.M., P. Kilnaglory, and R. V. Athnowen (Brady), and great-grandson of Robt. Pratt, Portreve of Castlemartyr. (For this family, vide ” Burke’s Landed Gentry.”) CORK·1 DURRUS AND KILCROHANE-FANLOBBUS. 49 T.CD., B.A., 1835 j M.A. 18e6. Ordained Deacon, 1840, at Killaloe, and Priest 1841, at Limerick. Curate of Kinneigh, 1840-46 j of Kilbrogan, Bandon, 1846-56 j R. Killowen, 1856-58 j R. Kilnagross, Ross. 1858-66 j Precentor of Cork, 1855, and Rural Dean of Gleansanley: He married, in 1841, Charlotte Louisa dau. of Michael Murphy, of Newtown, Bantry, brother of Rev. John Murphy, A.B., Treasurer of Cork, and R. Mogeesha, Cloyne (q. v.); and secondly, Eva, dau. of Francis Cole of Blair’s Cove, Coolculaghta, Co. Cork. Her brother, the Revd. John Francis Cole, is the present Rector of Portarlington.  Presumably Glebe Lands:  Rev John Pratt mortgage 2nd July 1885 from the Commissioners of Public Works for £60 towards land improvement at Clashadoo witnessed by E.B. Warburton Resident Magistrate, Bantry. (Registry of Deeds 1885/29/19).