West Cork History

Co. Cork, Magistrates 1838, From the Dublin Morning Register dated the 16th June, 1838
List of Magistrates for Co. Cork

Any assistance welcome to verify names and locations

Some Cork Lawyers:


Richard Wallace Gould Adams
Samuel Wallace Gould Adams
Richard Oliver Aldworth, Newmarket
St. Leger Aldworth, Newmarket
Maskelyne Alcock, Rough Grove, Bandon
Walter Allen
Kyrle Allen Esq
Lieutenant General Honourable Arthur Grove Annesley, Annes Grove, Castletown Roche
Richard Ashe
John M. Ashe
Henry Baldwin, Bandon area
Henry Baldwin M.D. ,Bandon
William Baldwin Esq., Bandon
James Earl of Bandon, Provost of the Town of Bandon
Richard (White), Earl of Bantry
Captain Bartholomew Edward Barry
Edward Standish Barry M.P.
James Redmond Barry, Fishery Commissioner, Glandore,
William Barry
Gerard Barry
John Barder Esq
Richard (White) Viscount, Berehaven
Thomas Bell
Adderley Beamish, Bandon
Thomas Beamish
Samuel Batt Esq
Sir William Rickson Beecher Bart
Richard Hedges Beecher
Robert Tresilian Belcher, Bandon
Arthur Beamish Bernard…

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