Subscribers Dr. Daniel Donovan, History of Carbery 1876.

Subscription lists often yield hidden connection either or extended families of by placing people’s original birthplace.

Died aged 37.  Son of Dr. Daniel O’Donovan.  Public lecture 1867 on Madeira, Lisbon, Jamaica Skibbereen. Died typhus.  Doctor, Royal Navy, Daniel, jun, North street  1876.

There were two O’Donovan medical families in Skibbereen Daniel Senior and Junior originally Clonakilty probably descended maternally from Clonakilty Deasys.  The other Dr. Daniel one of three brothers from O’Donovan’s Cove in Durrus all Magistrates and Landlords in Durrus and Caheragh.

All part of a complex extended family, highly political succeeded in ending tithes in Muintervara early 1830s and electing kinsman Rickard Deasy as M.P. He was later baron Deasy of Dublin Superior Court.  All share  direct lineage or by marriage to Alexander O’Donovan, Squince, Skibbereen, who died 1785 extremely wealthy in fishing, land and possibly smuggling.

Ahern, Walter, Inspector of Post Office, (4 copies)

Ahern, J. M.D., Cork

Allan, Rev. James,Creagh, Skibbereen, (2 copies)

Allan, Frederick, Munster Bank, Cork

Attridge, Mrs. Arthur, Skibbereen

Barry, James Redmond, Leeson Villa, Dublin and Glandore (25 copies)

Bantry, Earl of Seaview House, Bantry, (2 copies)

Becher, J.J., J.P., Castle Hyde, Fermoy

Becher, Richard, Stonewall Park, Kent,

Becher, Richard, J.P., Bellydevane, Clonakilty

The Honourable Colonel Bernard, Coolmain House, Bandon

Burke Henry, D.L., Lota Park, Cor

J.W. Burke, Solicitor, Cork

Bull, J.R., Blackrock, Cork

Byrne, J., R.I.C. Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Brougham, Rev. Henry, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny

Brophy, J. Skibbereen

Beechinor, J.D., Skibbereen

Butler, Miss, Drimoleague

Barry, G., New Mill, Rosscarbery

Beamish, Thomas, Kilmaloda, Drimoleague

Beamish, Thomas, Lahana

Brien, Joseph, The Hotel, Dunmanway

Casey, Robert, Solicitor, Montpelier House, Dublin, (5 copies)

Clerke, Aubrey St. J.B.L., Lincoln’s Inns, London (2 copies)

Clerk, John, Via del Serragli, florence, (2 copies)

Cave, Arthur Oriel, Rossbrin Manor, Schull, (3 copies)

Cave, Charles, 13th Regiment, (

Clarke, Charles, Skibbereen (2 copies)

Carson, Mrs. Coronea, Skibbereen (2 copies)

Carey, Richard, Munster Bank, Skibbereen

Coakley, William , Skibbereen

Collins, Miss, Skibbereen

Collins, Andrew, Skibbereen

Collins, Rev. D, P.P., Rath, Baltimore

Crowley, Rev. J., C.C., Caheragh

Cormack, Pierce, J.P., Lake View, Union Hall

Downing,McCarthy, M.P., D.L., Solicitor, Skibbereen, (5 copies)

Donovan, Rickard, Clerk of Crown (State Solicitor, first Catholic since 17th century), from Clonakilty, Crown Office, Cork, probably cousin of author. (2 copies)

Donovan, Florence, Somerfield House, Youghal

Donovan, John, Kilmountain, Castlemartyr

Donovan, Rev. Jeremiah, P.P., Aughadown, Skibbereen,

Donovan, John, Caheragh

Donovan, Daniel, Relieving Officer, Bantry

Dennehy, Mrs., Skibbereen

Downes,Thomas, Solicitor, Skibbereen (3 copies)

Donegan, Daniel, Solicitor, Cork

Deasy, REv. J. C.C., Union Hall

Denroche, James, Skibbereen

Downing, Francis, Solicitor, Killarney, may be brother of Skibbereen Solicitor

Dennehy, Henry, Very Rev., Canon, P.P., Kanturk

D’Ace, E.A.., Fermoy

Deasy, Miss, Ringmeen, Queenstown (Cobh)

Davis, Rev. Charles,C.C., Castletownshend, later involved in Baltimore Fishing Industry and Industrial School

  1. Doherty, Solicitor, Bandon, family Land Agents to Lord Bandon

Eames, J. M.D., Eglinton Asylum, Cork

Emerson, Rev., Edward., B.D., Coolkilure, Dunmanway, Coolkelure Church. It was built in 1869 so he was the first rector.

Furlong, Mrs., Newcastle, Co. Tipperary (2 copies)

Finn, Rev., J. P.P., Newcastle, Co. Tipperary

Fitzmaurice, F.,Solicitor, Dunmanway

Ferguson, Robert, Q.C., Upper Mount St., Dublin, sometimes appears at Cork trials of period

French, Sampson, Cuskinny, (Cobh?), Co. Cork

Furlong, Mrs.J. Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, may be related to one of the Furlongs, maiden name Evanson, Durrus

Fanin, Messrs and Co., Grafton St, Dublin probably medical suppliers

Hill, Rev. P. Administrator, C.C., Skibbereen, (3 copies)

Hadden, David, M.D., Skibbereen, (2 copies)

Hadden, David, Junior, M.D.,  

John Hadden, M.D. Lincolnshire

Hadden, Provincial Bank, Cork

Heas, P., M.D., (possibly O’Hea), Clonakilty

Harvey, J., M.D., Cork

Hely, John, Glenshelane, Waterford

Humphries, George, Glanmire, Cork

Hegarty, Rev., J,  SS Peter and Paul, Cork

Harris, B, Munster Nak, Mitchelstown

Henry, Michael, M.P., Kylemore castle, Co.Galway (2 Copies)

Hicks, J., M.D., Schull, Co.Cork, (2 copies)

Hutchins, Arthur, J.P, Bantry

Hayes, J., The Mill, Lurriga, Skibbereen

Hore, Mrs., Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

Hungerford, B.B., J.P., Ballyrisard, Skibbereen

Hennessy, John, T.C., Skibbereen

Hennessy, Rev, C.., Sherkin

Johnston, J., M.D., 2, Park View, Cork (2 copies)

Jenkins, Mrs. Kinsale

Joyce, John, Cork

Jervois, Sampson, Skibbereen (3 copies)

John Glasscott, Dublin Castle, (2 copies), mother Wexford Donovan, a Protestant sept of the O’Donovans originating in Carbery described by Dr. John O’Donovan as ‘rabid Orangemen”  The name appears in Bandon in the 1659 Petty Census.

Gallwey, Thomas, Glenbourne, Glanmire, Co. Cork, (4 copies)

Gallwey, Mrs., Kinsale, Co.Cork

Gallwey, Miss, Kinsale, Co. Cork

Gallwey, Denis, J.P., Greenfield, Clonakilty,

Henry Gallwey, Tramore, Co. Waterford

Gallwey, William, D.L., Tramore, Co. Waterford

Goodman, Rev. J., Glebe, Skibbereen, (2 copies), uilleann pipe player, Professor of Irish, T.C.D., native Irish speaker

Guns, Hugh, M.,  Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

Gillman, Mrs., The Retreat, Clonakilty

Keating, J., Hotel Cahir, Co. Tipperary

Kingston, Rev. P., C.C., Clonakilty, The Catholic Kingstons tended to be labourers/ working class – most likely the descendants of Kingstons that were disinherited when they ‘turned’. Not all, of course – there were a number of reasonably prosperous farmers from Drimoleague.

  1. Kelleher, Clonakilty

Levis, Dr., Glenview, Skibbereen (2 copies)

Leader, Rev. T., Ballyclough, Mallow, (2 copies)

Leonard, J., M.D., North Earl St., Dublin

Newman, Henry, J.P., Betsboro, Skibbereen

Notter, Mrs.T. Skibbereen, descendants of German Palatine Protestants in Crookhaven c 1620

The O’Donovan, Lissard, Skibbereen (5 copies)

O’Connor, Denis, M.D., Camden Place, Cork, (5 copies)

O’Hea, Henry, B.L., Dublin (5 copies)

O’Hea, Right Rev. R.C. Bishop of Ross, Skibbereen, (5 copies)

O’Donovan, Miss, Leeson Villa, dublin

O’Keeffe, Rev., C., P.P., Drimoleague

O’Sullivan, Rev., J., C.C., Rosscarbery

O’Regan, Rev., P., P.P., Schull (2 copies)

O’Brien, Rev. C.C., Skibbereen (2 copies)

O’Driscoll, Summer Hill, Cork, (2 copies)

O’Grady Standish, B.L., 1 Upper Pembroke St., Dublin

O’Donoghue, W. P., Dublin

O’Byrne, REv., W. S., O.S.A., Cork

O’Leary, Rev., J., C.C., Cape clear

O’Sullivan, Rev., D., C. C. Kilcoe

O’Hea, Mrs, Clonakilty

O’Donovan, J., M.D., Leinster Road, Kingstown, probably later Chairman Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) U.D.C, plaque to him on Pavilion Theatre

O’Sullivan, S., M.D.,Camden Place, Cork

O’Grady, Rev., W.W., Rector, Drimoleague

O’Keeffe, J., M.D., Spike Island  Co. Cork (British Navy Base)

O’Sullivan, P. Ballymena, Co. Wexford

O’Connolly, Dr.James, Durrus, Bantry

O’Flaherty, Peter New Ross, Enniscorthy, co.Wexford

O’Shea, J., National Teacher, Drimoleague

O’Neill, Gorey, Co. Wexford

O’Callaghan, James, R.I.C., Drimoleague

O’Hea, P., Solicitor, Skibbereen

Prendergast, James, J.P., Ardfinna Castle, Co. Tipperary

Palmer, Elliott, Day Place, Tralee, (2 copies)

Philips, James, Bandon Arms Hotel, Durrus, Bantry, The Philips arrived in Durrus when Lord Bandon recovered estate from Evansons c 1850. One of the descendants Kathleen Dukelow gifted the village funds to build Philips Green community centre c 2005.

Reidy, Maurice, Castle Island, Co.Kerry

Robinson, George, J.P., Coronea, Skibbereen

Ronayne, J., M.P., Ring Ronain, Queenstown (Cobh)

Riordan, J. Brighton Villas, Cork, (2 copies)

Reordan, Mrs, Townsend St., Skibbereen

Riordan Thomas, B.L., Lower Mount St. Dublin

Raycroft (Roycroft), J., Townsend St., Skibbereen

Somerville, Colonel J.P., Castletownshend, Co, Cork

Somerville, James, M.D., Union Hall, Cork

Somerville, D.A., Ballincollig, Co. Cork

Somerville, Thomas, J.P., The Prairie, Schull

Sullivan, A.M., M.P., Dublin, (3 copies) one of political ‘Bantry Gang’ with Tim Healy, William Martin Murphy

Sullivan, D. B., B.L., dublin

St. Lawrence, Mrs, Castletownshend (2 copies)]

Starkie, William, Resident Magistrate Queenstown

Swanton, Robert, Ballybawn, Ballydehob

Swanton, James Hutchinson, probably Carrisbrook House, Pembroke Road, Dublin. Leading Skibbereen Methodist owner Rineen Mills, mines with McNamaras, shipping, major land owner

Sheehy, M., Junior, Skibbereen

Sheehy, T, The Square,  Skibbereen

Sheehan, Miss, Post Office, leap

Starkey, William, M.D., Dublin, family probably from Rosscarbery

Stokes, William Day, J.P., Tralee, Co. Kerry probably descendant of Judge Day 18th century Judge from Tralee

Sweney, Owen, Fareen conner, Castletownshend

Shipsey, J, Cape Clear, probably of Catholic branch of an original Quaker family

Sullivan, J. Poor Law Guardian, Union Hall

Sheehan, Very Rev., Canon, p.p., Bantry

Townsend, John, J.P., Glandore

Troy, Rev., R., P.P., Castletownsend

Thacker, J., Molesworth Place, Dublin, possibly Joseph Thacker was an Anglican priest in the nineteenth century, most notably Archdeacon of Ossory from 1860[1] until his death in 1883.[2]

Taylor, Mrs. Greenmount, Skibbereen

Waldo, Edward, M., Stonewall Park, Kent, (Becher relation?)

Walter, Henry, St. George’s Hall, Liverpool

Wilson, Dr., Lower Baggot., St, Dublin

Wright, George, B.L., Lower Baggot St., may be from Clonakilty legal and landlord family

Wright, Henry, Solicitor, Clonakilty

Wade, Robert, M.D., Great Brunswick St., Dublin

Welply, Upton House, Upton, (2 copies) Most West Cork Welplys are McCarthy names and religion changed to inherit lands.

Wise, Charles, Rochestown, Co. Tipperary

Walsh, John, Roosogh, Skibbereen, (2 copies)

Walsh, J, Loriga, Skibbereen, (2 copies)

Original Publication 1876 republished Tower Books, Cork c 1970s

1876 Subscriber to Dr. Daniel O’Donovan’s History of Carbery, John Glasscott, Dublin Castle, (2 copies), mother, Wexford, Donovan, a Protestant sept of the O’Donovans originating in Carbery described by Dr. John O’Donovan as ‘Rabid Orangemen”

In the Grave papers (bought by Rev. Graves, Kilkenny from John O’Donovan’s widow) Royal Irish Academy Dr. John O’Donovan in the 1840s was trying to trace the O’Donovan and their various branches.  He was intrigued as to when the Wexford Branch left West Cork.

Glascott family History

nne Beata (Glascott) O’Donnavan

Birth: 19 May 1832, at 17 Leeson Street, Dublin, county Dublin, Ireland

Father: John Glascott

Mother: Mary (Donovan) Glascott

Married: William John (Donovan) O’Donnavan on 10 October 1872, in New Ross district, county Wexford, Ireland

William was Anne’s first cousin. He was born on 9 June 1832, the son of William Donovan and Elizabeth Dallas. William Donovan, of Tomnalosset, was the son of Richard Donovan and Anne Richards, and the brother of Anne’s mother, Mary (Donovan) Glascott. William was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, graduating B.A. in 1855, LL.B in 1859 (both in the name William John Donovan) and LL.D. in 1860 in the name William John O’Donnavan. He was a Member of the Royal Irish Academy, elected on 8 May 1865 (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy vol 9 p224)and the Royal Dublin Society, elected in 1874 (Kerry cattle herd book p48). William’s name change from his father’s Donovan was deliberate, and presumably occurred between 1859, when William was awarded the degree of LL.B. in the name of Donovan and 1860 when he graduated LL.D. in the name O’Donnavan.

The Topographical Poems of John O’Dubhagain and Giolla-na-naomh O’Huidhrin p40 (A. Thom, 1862):

Morgan William O’Donovan, Esq., of Montpelier, in the county of Cork, has not only re-assumed the O’, which his ancestors had rejected for many generations, but has styled himself “the O’Donovan,” chief of his name, being the next of kin to the last acknowledged head of that family, the late General Richard O’Donovan, of Bawnlahan, whose family became extinct in the year 1841. His example in resuming the O’ has been followed by Timothy O’Donovan, Esq., of O’Donovan’s Cove, in the county of Cork, head of a very ancient sept of the same family, and by William John O’Donnavan, a junior member of the Wexford Clan-Donovan.