Sale of Former Swanton Estates Tenant Listings Townlands at Dunmanus (Situated on the Celebrated Bay, Magnificent Location for Erecting Villas, 3 Miles from Crookhaven Proposed Transatlantic Port of Call, Projected Railway to Bantry), Faunmore, Mulessa, Stouke, Toureen, at Ballydehob, Sparadgrada, Gurteenakilla, Dereenaclough, Moynees, Part raising from Lease from Richard Tonson to William Swanton 1768, Probably Placing Swanton Arriving Ballydehob 1700-1730.

The Rev. Dives Downes, C of I Bishop of Cork. in his visitation 1700 makes no reference to Swantons. It is likely they arrived some time after 1700.  If William Swanton was taking a lease in 1760 he was probably at least 40 years old suggesting the family wee in Ballydehob around 1702.  Th jury is out on the origin of the family, a Minister in the 1799 referred to their Scots ancestry, most accounts suggest Norfolk.


The 1760s lease from Lord Riversdale one of the extended Hull/Tonson family aligned to the Boyles/Lord Shannon/Burlington Estate.  Parts of the Burlington Estate in the 1730s in the area were sold off due to pressure from their London Mortgagees.   The Durrus Evansons were one such purchser.

The Swantons exhibit a strong sense business acumen and entrepreneurial flair. This is evident also in Catholic branches and in descendants who have a Swanton ancestor to this day.