1937 Dunbeacon, Parish of Schull,  Mary Joe Moynihan, School Folklore Project. Names: Collins, Connell, Driscoll,  Finn, Levis, Lucy, Maguire, McCarthy, Moynihan, O’Brien, Nugent, Pyburn, O’Sullivan, Roycroft, Scofield, Lucky Days for Marriage Thursday and Saturday, Flax Meitheals, Old Cures, Deaths at Dereenlomane Barytes Mines, Wreck of Memphis,

Thanks to Brendan O’Dwyer.


1937, Dunbeacon School Folklore Project, Mary Joe Moynihan


Bramáir draim, scutch grass

Buacalánn na neascann,blots out mark of sore

Cleas na Peíste,cure for animals.

Feamaánac, cure for rheumatism

Fionnán cupóg, long coarse white grass.

Foghmar na nGeídhna, hard and quick days after harvest.

Noínín, daisy herb

Riouán, flour.


Irish words in Durrus, Dunbeacon etc: