The Mellifonts: David Mellefont, 61 Grafton St., Dublin, Tories 17th Century Ballingeary, Melefont family member attained as rapparee in Balingeary, KInsale area 1690, 1731 Convert Roll Gilbert Mellifont, Dunmanway, Magistrates, Lawyers, Middlemen Later, Bantry, Dunmanway.




Gilbert Melefont, Gent. 1731/32 Parish Fanlobbus (Dunmanway) Family heavily involved in Bantry area Donemark tenants of Kenmare Estate, middle men, later Magistrates in Dunmanway Melefont family member attained as rapparees in Balingeary area 1690, Sir Henry Blackhall on Munster Gallweys May be brother of David of Mellifont one of family Mary Mellifont married Henry Gallwey Bantry c 1700.



Colonel John Townsend and his cousin in Australia have a web site devoted to the West Cork, Townsend family (part Galwey), there are a number of Mellifonts (spelling varies) in the extended family: