Dukelows (and Name Variations) in Catholic Church Records Mainly from Muintervara (Durrus and Kilcrohane) and Schull.


The Dukelows are of Huguenot origin and probably come to the Durrus area, Crottees from around 1740 possibly from Innishannon.  The landlord of that part of Durrus, the Evansons had Bandon links.  There are quite a number of families probably settled on their lands with Armagh links probably an attempt to introduce weaving and possibly flax cultivation.

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The example of the Dukelows a ‘Protestant’ name in Catholic records can probably be replicated for most West Cork Protestant families.  Similarly in surviving Church of Ireland registers for the 17th century there are significant numbers of names with a Gaelic and Norman origin.

Additionally DNA results primarily in the USA from descendants of West Cork Catholics adn Protestant are indicative of some intermarriage in the 18th century.   Very few records from this periods have survived.  However there are some wills for the Swanton and Jervois families which make provision for non marital families with a local partner.  Graveyard inscriptions for example for Dunbeacon record a Catholic Townsend family married into the  Shanahans which is not contained in the Townsend family history.


The consternation of the Limrick family in Goleen area early 18th century is recorded when ne of the sons married a local Catholic the ancestors of the Catholic line: