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Ardogeena (152 acres) (Irish: Ard na Gaoine, meaning ‘Height of the flint stones’). On the east side is Lisdromaloghera (Irish: Lios Drom Luachra, meaning ‘Fort of the rushy ridge’). Bounded by Boolalaghta.

This in on what was formerly O’Mahony lands. The probably defaulted on a pre 1600 mortgage from Richard Boyle, Great Earl of Cork and he went into possession. These practices and his chicanery and sharp legal practices are often suggested as one of the causes of the 1641 Rebellion in the area.

The Evansons were settled on the former Mccarthy lands forfeit post 1641 at Durrus Court across Dunmanus Bay from around 1690.  They acquired the lands and associated townlands from the Boyles c 1760.  The conveyance gave rise to significant litigation in the 1850s as to whether it included the underlying mineral right at the time thought to be valuable.

They may have been in occupation earlier. One  of the Evansons, Mrs.Beamish, is noted in the school folklore project for her charity during the famine having  soup kitchen at Ardgouna.  The general location was used for hare coursing from the 1850s.




Remains, the slip in the masonry near doorway may suggest a stable and the slit for ventilation, this was probably a three storey structure.  The back wall is unstable and at risk of collapsing.  In the main building the front wall collapsed some time ago.:



Well recessed at rear of structure:


Stonework, a mix of field and quarried stone.



The house is shown on the Admiralty map as a guide to navigation as is one of the other Evanson houses at Sea Lodge across the bay:










Legal Tenure:


Ardogeena Probably in Plot 496A Earl of Cork, Protestant part of 896 acres Probably O’Mahony The land was originally sold by the Duke’s predecessor in title, Edward Boyle and his wife Mary by way of lease for 500 years from the 21st May 1626. The property including 3 ploughlands at Drumreagh, Dromelower and Ardgenane in Durrus including Murreagh was acquired by the Earl of Burlington and Cork and Sir William Heathcote who disposed of it to Richard Tonson in 1738 included as part of the Manorial rights to the Lord of the Manor of Ballydehob including the Durrus lands. In 1765 the Durrus lands were demised to Richard Tonson Evanson and renewed by Lord Baron Riversdale to Nathaniel Evanson in 1811, 1714 Lease of Part Of Lands in West Carbery from Henry Boyle to Darby Mahoney Excepting Mineral Rights Probably including Townlands at Ardgoena and Drumreagh Later Part of Evanson Durrus Estate.

Leasehold Deed 4th September 1765, three Ploughlands at Murreagh, Ardogna, Dromreagh between Richard Tonson, Dunkettle, Cork and Richard Evanson, life interest to his wife Elizabeth (nee Shaw father woollen draper Cork?) son Nathaniel late Murreagh, all Evansons Four Mile Water. Marriage settlement Evanson 1818 to Beamish , Melian died childless, Mary Beamish had a fortune of £1,600, makes provision for 3 ploughlands of Droumreagh, Muraigh, and Ardaguina and also the impropriate tithes of of the Parish of Durrus. Kilcrohane and Kilmacomogue recited in deed of 24th September 1765

Evanson Marriage Settlement 4th October 1816

Melian died childless, Mary Beamish had a fortune of £1,600, makes provision for 3 ploughlands of Droumreagh, Muraigh, and Ardaguina and alos the impropriate tithes of of the Parish of durrus. Kilcrohane and Kilmacomogue recited in deed of 24th September 1765

Letter from John T Collins to Paddy O’Keeffe 6 Jan 1955 ‘To be let 25. 9. 1829. Commodious gardens and demesne of Ardageena ( Friendly Cove) 5 miles from Bantry and 12 of Skibbereen. Well equipped out offices. 6 horse stables with stables and walled in farmyard hay lofts etc. Any person taking house can set land from 18 A 96 acres. Good turbary sea manure and a sand quay sea bathing in perfection within 3 mins walk from house. Also to be let a large corn (Noted Store on Dunmanus Bay opposite Durrus Pier) store and kiln and a good corn growing country at the head of Dunmanus Bay. Great facility of shipping and lying of vessels of 60 tons at the store. Apply J Evanson Esq Adrgeena. 1884, Elizabeth Hungerford Morris late Friendly Cove, Michael Hungerford Morris, Cork and Walter Thornhill, Solicitor Cork. He was given a Power of Attorney over tithes and rent charges over Durrus properties. (ROD 1884 20/6) Nathaniel Evanson as Lessee of Impropriate Tithes Richard Tonson Evanson selling 1854 at Landed Estates Court with Impropriate Tithes of part Kilcmacomogue and Durrus/Kilcrohane deriving from lease for lives renewable forever of 1765 1869 Reps Richard Tonson Evanson (Catherine Morris daughter?) William and Reps of J M Gumbleton. 1901 Tenants in Fee 1925 January Friendly Cove Mrs O’Brien 30a commodious house held under lease of 999 years from 5 April 1834 at a rent of £37 p.a.