1714-1841.  Unrest in Barony of West Muskerry, Co. Cork,  Whiteboys, Anti-Tithe Agitation, War of Independence, British Army and Militia Deployments

Most of the records are abstracted fro the Church of Ireland registers for Macroom.  Ballyvourney was a hot spot a number of camps there adn soldiers drowned.




1714 possibility 1774 28th Regiment Local Marriages
1766 44th Regiment Local Marriages
1778 Muskery Cavalry Muskerry Blue Light Dragoons June 1st 1778
Colonel Robert Warren
Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Hutchinson
Major Samuel Sweete
Captain – ??
Lieutenant Thomas Coppinger
Cornet ??
Chaplain Edward Kenny
Adjutant Thomas Coppinger
Surgeon Richard Grey
Quartermaster John Spread
Secretary James Daltera
One Troop: Uniform – blue lapelled, edge white, silver epaulets, white jackets edged blue, furniture, goatskin
1779 Muskery Volunteers Muskerry Volunteers, June 19th 1779
Captain Commandant Thos. Barker
Captain William Ashe
Lieutenant John Barter
Ensign Mathre Menheer
Chaplain Edward Synge Townsend
Surgeon Richard Grey,M.D.
Adjutant John Butler
One company. Uniform: Blue, edged buff, buff waistcoat and breeches
1788 5th Louth Regiment of Militia
1795 11th Galway Regiment of MIlitia
1796 11th Galway Regiment, 17th Regiment Royal Meath Local Marriages
1797 11th Galway Regiment, 22nd Sligo Regiment of MIlitia Local Marriages
1798 5th Regiment Louth, 11th Galway Regiment of MIlitia, 22nd Sligo Regiment of MIlitia Local Marriages
1799 Caithness Legion
1801 Loyal Cheshire Volunteers, Antrim Militia
1816 82nd Regiment Local Marriages
1822 59th Regiment of Foot, 22nd Regiment of Foot, Rifle Brigade 59th Stationed Ballyvourney
1823 57th Regiment of Foot, 2nd Batallion Rifle Brigade Local Marriages
1824 57th and 26th Regiment of Foot
1825 29th Regiment of Foot Soldier drowned Ballyvourney
1826 19th Regiment of Foot
1827 12th Regiment of Foot, 111th Regiment of Foot
1829 24th, 32nd and 34th Regiment of Foot Captain Connolly’s Company
1830 99th Regiment of Foot
1835 51st Regiment, 94th Regiment of Foot, 9th Regiment of Foot, From Buttevant to Maacroom Election 1835. Local Marriges
1836 4th Regiment of Foot
1841 Royal Sappers and Mines