1717.  Patrickson monument in St. Mary’s Church, Dunmanway, West Cork.    Here are Deposited the Bodies of Rev. John Patrickson, AM, Chantor of the Cathedral of Cloyne and Ross who Died 1717 aged 73, Martha his daughter By Frances Daughter of Sir Emanuel Moore Bart, and His 2nd Wife daughter of Colonel Robert Phaire Died 1717, Among connected Families: Blairs of Blair’s Cove, Durrus, Children and Descendants of Father/Rev. Daniel McCarthy (Muclagh) and Sarah Blair, Clearys of Dunbeacon, Durrus.

Patrickson monument in St. Mary’s Church, Dunmanway.  There was a reference to that stone in the minute book. It is the only piece of the old St. Mary’s church, built around 100 years previously to make it into the new church in 1821.  Patrickson put up quite a lot of money towards the building of the first one.

The Patricksons were one of a number  of families such as the Fenwicks Little Island, Inis Beg Skibbereen, Phairs, Whites (Later Lord Bantry), Davies of Macroom, Blairs (later Blair’s Cove) active in the Land Market late 17th and early 18th century acquiring large tracts of West Cork from the Hollow Blade Company.

There is a large extended family Catholic and Protestant in Ireland, UK and Australia. The Cleary branch is in Australia.

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TCD records as him born Co. Down associated families Hamiltons and Blairs may alos be from there

Rev. John Patrickson TCD 1669, (1651-died 1718, Native Co. Down. Chantor of Ross, 1695. Chantor, Cloyne Cathedral.  Patricksons ancestors of Durrus Blairs. 1702, Deed from Rev. John Patrickson, Chantor of Cloyne (Dunmanway Patricksons ancestors of Durrus Blairs) to Sir Richard Cox, Chief Justice of Ireland, of Lands at Dunmanway and Kilbarry, Coolsnagh, Coomshiplogh, Inchiragh, Derrynacahreagh, Cloontiuirk, Dereens, Tonetove, Derrylahan, Mills and Tolls, Park, Castle, Malthouse,  bounded by Derrenasabagh, Gortnavan. Founding Deed of Dunmanway Names John Clay, John Turk, Thomas White, Mathew Rhems, William Short, John Farr, George Lantry, John Lumsie, George Stuke, Richard Nott, William Sisk, Thomas Roche, James Grace, William Smith George Moore Bounded by the Lanes of Mahonoh. The Dunmanway Patricksons are associated with the Blairs. The Whites (later of Whiddy, Bantry), Fenwicks, Davies. In a deed of 1713 William Blair of Dunmanway son of Elinor nee Patrickson (she is sister to Rev. John Patrickson, Chantor of Cloyne) appears.  Dr. Charles Webster, History of Ross Dioceses.  Also Vestry minutes in 1822 refer to the Patrickson monument from the previous building being installed in the new building. It reads as follows: “Here are deposited the bodyes of Rev. John Patrickson A.M. Chantor of the Cathedrals of Cloyne & Ross who dyed in his 73rd year of his age. 8 February 1717 and of Martha his Daughter by Frances daughter of Sir Eml. Moore Bart. And of Eliza his 2nd wife , daughter of Coll. Robert Phair who dyed 26th November 1717. And of William & Alexander their sons. This monument was erected by his nephew, William Blair Esq. Anno. Dom. 1722

1766John Thomas Patrickson MDSurgeon. Dr. Farmer 1762 involved in founding South Infirmary with Dr. Davis, Surgeons Hungerford Daunt and John T. Patrickson.Subscriber ‘History of the Irish Rebellion’ reprinted 1766 Cork Bagnell of Castle St.May have Dunmanway connections

Moore, Rosscarbery genealogy:

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