1710, List of the CLAIMS as they are ENTERED with the TRUSTEES at CHICHESTER HOUSE on COLLEGE GREEN DUBLIN, for Baronies of West Carbery Bantry and Bere including Baltimore, Sherkin, Clonee, Durrus, Reendonegan, Bantry.

This was part of the appeal process for those whe lands were forfeit for rebellion from 1641 and after.  Some of the appeals were successful as the Browns (earls of Kenmare one of the few catholic families to retain their lands during the Penal Laws.

Chichester House was build on the site of a suppressed nunnery and was later demolished to make way for the Irish Parliament.  In turn this was abolished in 1800 and the building now houses the bank of Ireland.

It is estimated that a very large portion of legal business in Dublin 1700-1730 was taken up with such claims at Chichester House adn in the 4 Courts then located in the area.Christchurch Cathedral.Because of the Penal Laws Catholics could only practice if they became members of the Church of Ireland.  Most did but they were regarded with suspicion as ‘crypto-Catholics.  A common complaint was that their affluent wives has chapels in the houses dn priests calling.  One of them famously said ‘I would rather leave my soul to God than my land to the Laws of Ireland’