Dunbeacon, Parish of Schull, West Cork, Burial Records 1934-1980.  Dunbeacon Castle of the O’Mahonys purchased 1602 from Michael Apsley by Sir Richard Boyle, mid 18th Century Good House of Mr. O’Driscoll then the Estate of Mr Townsend, (Moulroe) a Minor .


from Charles Smith Vol I.  Cornelius T [128], Samuel T [400] and Horatio T [600] were subscribers to the book page xii and are listed as Commissioners of the Peace on page 69.
The minor Townsend is Captain Henry Townsend (215) who inherited Dunbeacon from his father.












Dunbeacon 9th December 1602, Dunbeacon Castle (formerly O’Mahony) sold by Sir Michael Apsey to Sir Richard Boyle King Charles 11, patent to Townsend family Elizabeth Becher through her father Henry Becher, Aughadown acquired Dunbeacon lands. Captain Henry Townsend (1742-1788) son of Richard adn Elizabeth Becher, inhereted Dunbeacon through mother. When Henry Townsend [215] died without issue in February 1788 his lands at Dunbeacon, Ardra and Ballinatona passed to Richard’s father, John, who passed them on Richard. Richard Mellifont Townsend on his death 1884 to two first cousins Richard Townsend (Born Australia later Magistrate Durrus) adn Richard Arthur Herbert Townsend (he had difficulty raising money for estate duty). 1910 Richard Townsend sold 94 acres to Verity Evans (Welsh, Royal Navy) and his wife. Balance of site sold by Townsend family at Dunbeacon Ranch, Horton, Australia to tenants 1926. In his letter to Richard Savage Townsend (see attached Page 5) about the death of his father, Francis Fitzmaurice says that Dunbeacon Cottage and 94 acres were sold to Verity Evans and his wife on 1st December 1910. Line 69, column ‘i’ of your spreadsheet gives a date of 1905.

Richard’s will in his ‘Scrapbook’ (page 7) that he left the balance of Dunbeacon to his children as tenants in common. I was interested to read that this was sold to the tenants in 1926, and have now included this in his notes here Richard Townshend (254)

Richard Arthur Townsend, Shorecliffe, Glandore late Captain his Majesties Somerset Regiment of Light Infantry mortgage to Robert Constable Hall, Rockcliff, Blackrock, Cork J.P. and Fitzjohn Hussey de Burgh Jnr Kilfinin Castle, advance of £497 on lands at Dunbeacon. (Registry of Deeds 1885/49/299) Richard Townsend. 1894 by County Court Judge in suit of John Murphy decd. 1. 54a with commonage of 127 a divided with 5 other tenants held by lease from Hamilton O’Donovan Blair of 1866 commencing from 1884 for 60 years can take 8 cows 2. House shop and premises held under same lease. 3. Dunbeacon 9a held yearly from Richard Townsend. Up to mid 1920 a small estate owned by Townsend family in Australia, their descendants McDowells current address Dunbeacon Ranch Horton.