13th January 1816.  Viscount Bantry Created Earl of Berehaven and a New Viscount.









Not clear if this is the same but the reference to ‘young nobleman’ might suggest so:


Lord Richard Viscount Berehaven, 2nd Earl of Bantry. (White/Bantry), (1800-1868) Bantry, Pre 1831. 41 Belgrave Square, London. Bearhaven Lord “In a Silver Box, as a testimony of their High Esteem for this highly respected young Nobleman”. (1821) Subscriber 1821 Dr Thomas Wood’s ‘Primitive Inhabitants of Ireland.   Notified as Magistrate of Catholic Meeting on Loyalty to King 1825.  13th January 1816.  Viscount Bantry Created Earl of Berehaven and a New Viscount. Deputy Lieutenant 1832. Member Commission  on Magistrates 1838.  Attending Protestant Conservative Society meeting 1832.  Protestant Protest Meeting Bandon 1834.  He enjoyed an income of £9,000 per annum. He also married well in 1836 in London ; his wife’s Lady Mary O’Brien’s (a descendant of Brian Boru) dowry was £30,000.  At Bantry Vote Registration Session 1840 with Augustus Payne JP (His Land Agent), Revs Sadler and Triphook.   Probably focus of perceived ’Orange’ faction in Bantry by Liberals.  On death of his father became Earl of Bantry in 1851 following 3 years abroad. He amassed Bantry House Art Collection. Member provisional Committee projected Bandon to Bantry Railway 1845. Resolved, by Castletownbere Board of Guardian: ‘that the offer made on the part of Lord Berehaven of the house and offices at Cametringane as a temporary workhouse until the 1st August Castletown Board of Guardians 1850 be accepted’. Beara Estate sold to Lord Clinton c 1850 subject to scathing criticism of him and agent Patrick O’Sullivan, Millcove by Dublin Barrister Prendergast of treatment of tenants and recovery of arrears.