To try and put this in context.   After the siege of Cork and bombardment of 1690s the population may have been just over 5,000 by mid 18th century the city was poised to become one of the leading  cities of Northern Europe.  Looking at deeds maps etc it was largely the creation of what might be termed the Cork Protestants, a hybrid comprising elements of Gaelic, Norman, Welsh, Scots, English, German, Dutch and Huguenot ethnic background.  The threat of another insurrection was never too far away.  The long peace raised the living standards of even the poorest.

From Dr. Richard Caulfield:


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14 May, 1755. Whereas the Popish quarterers of the several trades of this City of Cork have of late refused to pay quarterage, ordered, that Mr. Hoare (Law Agent) prepare a case and attend the Recorder with same, to have his opinion in what manner said quarterage for the future can be legally recovered.

July 1755

Whereas the Popish Quarterers still persist in their refusal to pay Quarterage, ordered, that Air. Afayor usc vigorous measures, according to ancient usage, to compel payment thereof. Present-Air. Mayor, Sher. Smith ; Alden. Croker, Austen, Jackson, Farren, Owgan, Wcstropp, Lavit, Wrixon, Busteed, Crone; Mr. Travers, and Laulke, C. S.

31 Oct., 1755. Y Whereas the Popish Quarterers of this City still·refuse to pay Quarterage, ordered that the Mayor compel them to the payment thereof, according to ancient usage, at the expense of the Corporation.

5 June, 1761. Whereas Mr. Mayor hath been served with four orders forth of His Maj. Court of King’s Bench at the prosecution of Richard Bourke, Geo. Smith, John Stack, and John Lynch, to show cause why attachments should not issue against him for committing said persons on their refusal to pay quarterage, ordered, that the expense be paid out of the Corporation revenues, and that Mr. Hoare take proper care of the causes.

1762, P. 756.

Ordered, that the Protestant merchants, shopkeepers, and others, who deal in gunpowder”, do send to Mr. }!ayor a just account of all now in their possession, and that all Roman Ca!hoJic __ Jnerchan~s, &c., n1ake o. trno -+- return to 1\fr. 1\favour of all guilpo~der in their possession, that the san1c be deposited in the stores ; the returns to be made by Thursday, 8 ins t. at 12 o’clock.