West Cork History

Early. 19th Century Political Figures in Bantry and Carbery District, Tithes, Cess Payments, Baronial Constables, Drivers, Village Pounds


Tithes were a medieval tax of one tenth of crops.  The benefits went to the clergy who were expected to provide civil services out of it.  In Cork Richard Boyle (ancestor the the Dukes of devonshire and numerous other lines) managed by underhand methods in the early 17th century to acquire most of the Diocesan tithes.  A large part was ‘impropriate’ and in time were traded as any form of property.  Much of the later trouble with tithes came from the vigorous enforcement to entitlement sby tithe proctors who sometime acquired the tithes or received a significant proportion of money collected.

The Tithe Composition Act of 1823 provided that a special Vestry could appoint an arbitrator to determine the amount of tithe.  The exemption of pasture from tithe was abolished in…

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