Those signing the resolution were either Grand Jurors or wealthy Cork Merchant like Humphrey Crowley.


This is from the Dr. Casey Collection, item 2389, John T. Collins newspaper extracts originally from Kearney family Garretstown House.

1765 Resolution not to give servant tips on being entertained at their master’s house John Conway Colthurst John Hyde Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald Richard Townsend
Richard Longfield Robert Rogers William Conner Abraham Devonshire Samuel Hutchinson
Richard Fitzgerald Riggs Faulkiner John Rye Abraham Morris Roger Bernard
John Bernard Boyle Aldworth Francis Kearney Walker Izod George Pigot
Godfrey Baker Luke Grant Usher Philpot William Parks Henry Bullen
Thomas Poles Christopher Conran William Coles Stephen Denroche Hugh Lautin (Lawton?)
Humphrey Crowley John Parker on behalf of County Grand Jury William Crofts on behalf of County of City of Cork Grand Jury Walker Colthurst JOhn Colthurst
Emanuel Moore Thomas Wran (Owgan?) John Lapp Joseph Wetherall Andrew Franklin
Francis Rowlat Henry N. Nixon Walter Traverse Kevin Moore John Bullen