West Cork History

The men from Muintervara (Durrus/Kilcrohane)who have the distinguished honour of being the first Western district to  have given the death blow to the Tithe system, proceeded under the conduct of Richard O’Donovan Esq of  Tullagh and Timmy O’Donovan Esq at Monster Meeting Mount Gabriel 1832

Most of the tithes of the Dioceses of Cork were acquired by underhand means by Richard Boyle, The Great Earl of Cork in the early 17th century.

For Durrus/Kilcrohane they were acquired by Nathaniel Evansons and share between him and the local Church of Ireland Minister aided by Tithe Proctors



The O’Donovans referred to were a major force in politics at the time:


The following is an extract from the southern report of the Cork Commercial Courier of the 19th July, 1832 in relation to an anti-tithe meeting on Mount Gabriel:

Anti-Tithe Meeting at the foot of Mount Gabriel

It is no longer…

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