West Cork History

Marthene Williamson of Nova Scotia has put a significant amount of time researching families many of whom come from the Rossmore/Brahalish area of Durrus. More like Beamishes come from Mizen. It is interesting that through the Canadian and other records you can in effect get births from 18th century Ireland.

Another feature of the Canadian census records is language.  Many of the Cork Protestant families put Irish into the box for language.  It is not possible to say if it was Irish or the variation of English spoken in Ireland.  Accounts of descendant speak of a soft brogue and language spattered with phrases and words from Irish.  Even when they were speaking English they were almost speaking irish with english words using a different syntax than that used in England.

It is interesting that the free language app Duolingo has Irish in the top 10 with the largest market North…

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