1824,  Evidence of Sir Richard Griffith Esq., Road Engineer, to House of Commons Select Committee, on Harmony in West Cork between Protestant and Catholics, Distress of 1822, Evidence of Alexander Nimmo, Scots Road Engineer on Building of 19 miles on the Northern Side of Bantry Bay under Joint Supervision of Captain O’Sullivan Most of His Workers are His Tenants Not Paid in Cash but in Rent Abatement.

Elsewhere Nimmo’s evidence of Enormous Economic Benefits of Road Building.  He was involved in the 1820s in extensive road works in North Cork and credited the roads with opening up the area to the butter trade and the huge improvements that benefited the local area.

Before Griffith’s road to Crookhaven wheeled carts were unknown in the western end of the Mizen Peninsula. Even today a close look at the cuttings through and bridges re a testament to the thorough work with little modern equipment.